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Photo by Joe Scegura fishing by booking your own guided fishing trip through Joe Scegura’s Guide Service. Scegura works at staying on the fish year-round and offers fully guided trips on any of the Alexandria area lakes. Scegura says his guided fishing trips are tailor made to what people want. “Some parents want to give their young children a lot of fishing action,” said Scegura. “Others come from out of state to catch a limit of nice walleye. That’s when I use my past experience to narrow the long list of lakes down to a select few. I pride myself on being able to catch fish at any given time of the year.” Alexandria is located in the heart of lake country in West Central Minnesota with dozens of good fishing lakes to choose from in the Alex area alone, and over 300 in Douglas County. The region is about a two-hour drive north of the Twin Cities Metro. Scegura fishes all species, but specializes in walleye. He says what makes the fishing so special compared to other areas is the fishing never comes to a crawl in mid-summer. There’s always something biting. “With the glaciers that pushed thro VvW&PvRfRWfW'Frg&FVWW2F6pW2( 66VwW&6B( F22vf6r2fW'vBV"&VBFW&R2G&VVFW2f6pV&ǒFR6rW2FV6R֖BFFRVRFRFVWW27F'B&GV6rvVGVRFFRW2&VrFffW&VBFVW&GW&W2@FffW&VBFW2bFRV"FRW2&Rv0FffW&VB76W2FN( 2vBW2W267V6( ХFR&V6f6r26vBf"FRVW 2FR6vW"W2FR&Vv&ЧWV6V6W"66VwW&Gf6W2FBvV৖R6RFf6V&ǒFR6V6f6vF֖w2F'V&&W'G0( V&ǒFR6V6R6fBvWRV FV"7vr&V27V626r&6@w&fV&V2V"WG2BWFWG2( 66VwW&6B( vVW&ǒFfBvFW"G&Ɩr"vvr6rvF֖r( ФVRvVvVVG2&R&֖rf6vfrFRfBWBFFW6RFVWW"vVVB&V22'VRbFV"b#fVWB2vBFWFV&ǒ7VW"( ĖVwW7BB6VV2ƖRRFFRW0B6FV( 6BFRwVFR( FRf6&PfW"FR6RFN( 2vVRfR琦&RF2BV&ǒF7F26&GV6PvWR( ХF'R66VwW&EE$5D2DrtbDtr4U%d4U0fW"S&VW2FvbRE"W7FVBrFR6ƖR&RG&( @V'&Vf7BV6"7WW R4D2"WbR"rRB"tRt4U$TU &vW23#SBӃ( "&FW7G&6FR6ФW&TW6Чrrr22"r2ФW&Rs֖W2bfV@G&6VG&֖W6FWv&VvG&6ФRv&VvG&f6G&PFRƗGFR&W6'BvFFR$rWW&V6P7vVWGvFW'&W6'B6УӃcd43CsB +r3sBW&R&B7W6p$ԔU4DgV6W'f6R&6( "G&fr&vP6'G2( "6V"&VF( "&"bVvP3#CR#SR( "&v26ЦFW7FFW'F63