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6967 Lake Forest Road in Baxter, the water park offers a tube slide, a four-story body slide, a zero- depth entry pool, an indoor and outdoor hot tub. Feeling playful? Have some fun with the water cannons in the tree house. The water park also features a Lazy River, pool basketball hoops, Paul’s Log Walk and more. Tired of swimming? Relax in a chair or visit the 2,400 square-foot Gold Mine Arcade. For more information, call (218) 822-5634 Saturday, July 15 Gates open at 2:00 pm Looking for speed and a thrilling rush? Head further north to Northland Kart Kountry, located at 17568 Hwy 371 in Brainerd. Montgomery Gentry 10 pm At Northland Kart Kountry, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy driving go karts in various styles, strapping yourself into a bungee bounce, visiting the batting cages (bats and helmets are provided) and climbing a 23-foot rock climbing wall. The Fabulous Armadillos, Tribute to the Eagles 6 pm Ever wanted to slam dunk a basketball hoop? Then make your way over to the jump shot area to play basketball on a trampoline. Northland Kart Kountry also has an 18-hole Raceway Golf Course., a video arcade area, Nascar simulators, bumper boats and water fights. Northland Kart Kountry is open daily from May 10 through Labor Day. Hours are 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Weather permitting, there are also limited hours during the Spring and Fall. For more information, visit. or call (218) 454-1602. Want to enjoy the beautiful scenery in Northern Minnesota? Then check out Pirate’s Cove, located at 17992 Hwy. 371 No., in Brainerd. The attraction offers two 18-hole courses of adventurous mini golf. Step into the 1800s world of pirates, filled with sunken ships, waterfalls, dungeons and buccaneers. For more information, visit www. or call (218) 828-9002. Pirate’s Cove is open from the last weekend in April until the third weekend in October. Lonestar 8 pm Confederate RailRoad 4 pm Brandl Motors Buying from Brandl is Better CAMPFIRE BAY RESORT Your new happy place. 800.677.7263 relax . play . fish . Gather If you don’t mind steering off the trail of Highway 371, go west to Paul Bunyan Land, located at 17553 Hwy. 18 in Brainerd. There you will not only be a &RF7FW&6F7F'bFPV&W&6F2'WB6fRG2bgVvFvFRf&WGbGG&7F2F&FR7V626W2&W"67FW"FRv7B֖RG&B琦&Rf"&Rf&Ff6BwwrV'VB6VfV'VB6"6#scB#S#BvBFG&&FR6'W'7FFRf&W7C&W@֖W2vW7Bb&FW"2WF&6G&&FW2@##6'W'&BvW"&FW'2&RF6V@WvF'6R7VFVBf"FV"WW&V6Rf"&Rf&Ff6BwwrWF&6&66"6#sCb3FW7FFW'F6#p