Destination Up North 2018 Up North - Page 18

Brewery Tours AND FUN ACTIVITIES UP NORTH FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY By Cynthia Parsons S ummer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning fun activi- ties and excursions with family and friends. What better plan than to head up north to find beauty in the landscape and camaraderie at the local breweries that offer beer as well as non- alcoholic beverages, food, games, and activities for [Y\˂\H^YY][\[K]Y[]H[Z[X]Y[ؙ\ق M]ۙ\X\X[[\˜\[\\\[HYY\]H[KN\[][۝\ܝ BX\\H]X\\[[HZ\\BوHY\[[[\ˈܚB\\[K\H\H ]ۈ\\›ۙHY\Z[\Y]\H[^HXX\Xۘ[YY8'[^H[Yx'H8$B[[\[HYY\X\ݙ\^\[Y[]Y\[[›و][Y8'\\x'HܙX]YB[[Yܘ[HTH\X[ۋBY\[\ˈH[XX\8'\x'B\[^XX\]X[[˂X\\Y\ۈ\[[ܜ\ۈ[KZ[\  Y[[ ][ X\[