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From Recycled to Upcycled ANTIQUE AND DÉCOR STORES SPECIALIZE IN THE UNIQUE By Vicki Ikeogu If assemble yourself, Ikea-style products are what you are looking for, then the chance of finding what you are looking for are pretty good. However, for those on the hunt for the perfect focal piece for their living room, the right antique to tie their kitchen together, or that one-of-a-kind statement piece to make their family and friends jealous, the quest used to be challenging. 10 N ot anymore though. Thanks to design shows on popular TV channels like HGTV and DIY, upcycling – the creative reuse of old, worn out products – has exploded in markets north of the Twin Cities. “People don’t want cookie cutter stuff in their homes,” said Steve Foy, owner of Design Consign in Brainerd. “They want a few creative, unique pieces.” Design Consign, 201 S Sixth St., has been open in Brainerd for the past six years. “I also own an estate sale company in Brainerd,” Foy said, “and we would go into a lot of homes that didn’t have enough to host an estate sale but had some really interesting pieces. So, we decided to open a retail store and sell product on consignment.” The 7,000-square-foot store features a variety of items, including an old English style telephone booth, a 1922 Ford Model TT pick up, and at one time a concrete statute of Johnnie Walker of Johnnie Walker whisky fame. Yesterdays, 517 Broadway St., specializes in repurposing a variety of everyday objects into statement pieces. “Something unusual we have done is transform a chicken feeder into a new planter,” Mortiz said. “We sell quite a few oak carved dressers that have been repurpose [\[[[^YY][[ܜܘ]Y[\]\H\Y[YK'B[ܝ^ZYY\\^\\]ۈ]و8'X\'B\]Y[]X[ۜ[\]H[\[X܈H[^[XHܙKۘHHX\Y[\\Y HX[HوY\\^\Yܚۈ\X[˂'H\\H[[Z^]\][8'HHZY X] \[وHY\[\Hۈ\^H]Y\\^\\ۙYHHܙKH[XZ[[\œ][[ۙ]\[[ܜ[XH[][\ZH\\H[Z[Y\]\K'H]HH\Y]HوX[\8'H[ܝ^ZY 8']8&\BZ^܈\˸'B'[H]\ۛ][H\H[YH[[H[[\K8'HHZY 8']\H^H\H]˜Y[\H܈YK'H\HZ[]HۈHY Y[H[\”ZY\H[[\][^HۈB[\]Y[\وH[\]YH[X\] ]8&\HY[[]ۈ[ܝ^X[Y\وY\\^\š[[^[XKۛ[[ Hۙ\و XK LH^]K]BY[[\[\[H\[X\Y\X[B\\[H[\YH[\]YHܙK'Y\\^\\Y[[ۙ܈ YX\8'B[ܝ^ZY 8'H[\ܚXH]\[[\]YKXܘ][ܙKHHوY[ۈ\ܛH܈[H[XZB[\]Y\\[ 'B'HXX[^H[\\Y[Y\\Y\]\K8'HY[HZYZY H\KۈHؘH\K[\™][\[[\\[]X[ۜ[