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The next leg of the journey begins on Paul Larson Memorial Drive, which runs next to the west shore of the Mississippi and turns into MCH 13. Le Bourget Park will be on the right. Continue on 13 and turn right on MCH 213 immediately after driving under U.S. Highway 10. This route brings travelers directly to the front gate of Camp Ripley. The Minnesota Military Museum at Camp Ripley is a must- see for anyone with an interest in how armed conflicts and military institutions have shaped both the Minnesota and national experience. Leaving Camp Ripley, and driving west on MCH 115 brings travelers to the city of Randall. A right turn on MCH 104 goes directly into the city of Randall. A right turn onto Pacific Avenue brings travelers who need a stop to Bingo Park, and the chance to visit a variety of shops along the avenue. For those interested in woolens and quilting, a stop by the Old Creamery may be in order. Leaving Randall to the north on MCH 1 and heading to Pillager is an interesting drive with lakes, streams farmland and birch and pine tree stands. The lowlands in this area will be teaming with red wing blackbirds amongst the cattails. Ten miles north of Randall is Lake Alexander. A little side trip onto MCH 204, which is to your left, heads into a quaint resort area with seasonal cabins and a few year-around homes. This road will run right along Lake Alexander. Turning right at the stop sign onto Cottonwood Road, follow the road which narrows through this area and turn right onto 60th Street to drive through the tall pines that come right to the edge of the road. The tree tops blot out the sky, and it’s like driving through a tunnel. At MCH 3, turn right and head back to MCH 1, turn left to travel on to Pillager. Travelers should be sure to catch the vista view just beyond 45 miles into the trip. As they crest a hill on MCH 1 they can see many miles of hardwood and pine forests with farms in between. As travelers cross the Crow Wing River they enter the city of Pillager, which boasts a few antique and thrift stores along with some interesting coffee shops and eating establishments. Veterans Memorial Park at the north end of town is a good place to take a walk and relax a bit. Drivers can turn left on Highway 210 and then take a quick right onto Cass County Highway 1. The next destination is the city of Pine River, about 30 miles north of Pillager. This is a nice leisurely cruise with rolling hills and a few curves around the lakes, lowlands and birch tree stands. Once travelers reach Highway 371, they will be just south of Pine River. Turn left to stay on CCH 1 and then take a right a few blocks north to continue driving on CCH 1. At the east end of town, folks can stop to wade in the Pine River if they want to cool off. At the next stop sign, CCH 1 goes to the right and will turn into Crow Wing County 1. To visit the city of Emily, stay on CWCH 1. Several lakes in and around Emily provide plenty of opportunities for recreation. Turning right on Minnesota Highway 6 goes between Lake Emily on the left and Dahler Lake on the right. A public access to Lake Emily is just south of town with resorts and cabins on the southwest shore. Minnesota Highway 6 between Emily and Crosby to the south winds through lakes, rivers and streams with occasional bald eagle sightings. To visit Crosby, follow Minnesota Highway 6 by taking a left and going through downtown Crosby which has several shops, restaurants and even a microbrewery. Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area just northwest of Crosby is 5,000 acres of lakes No trip to Garrison, near Mille Lacs, would be complete without taking a few photos in front of the giant walleye in the Garrison Concourse Wayside Park. Attractions of historical note in Little Falls are the Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Memorial Museum, the Charles Lindbergh House Museum (pictured) and Charles A. Lindbergh State Park. Mille Lacs Lake is 207 square miles of clear blue water with some of the best fishing and recreation opportunities in the state. Pine Grove Zoo 5