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Scenes Up North WORTH THE FIVE-HOUR DRIVE Just northwest of Crosby is the Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area. The park is open to camping, canoeing, biking, scuba diving and trout fishing. By Rick Converse C 4 entral Minnesota has a wide variety of scenery and wildlife to be experienced. The five-hour trip described here will be outside of the typical high traffic destinations and will take travelers through 240 miles of beautiful central Minnesota. On this scenic drive, folks will see rivers, streams, lakes, farmland and forest. Drivers will encounter rolling hills, birch tree stands and pine forests so thick they blot out the sky. The next leg of the trip will run generally parallel to the west shore of the Mississippi River north to the city of Little Falls. The traveler will have the opportunity to view native grassland, farm land and forest. There are also river views. Attractions of historical note just south of Little Falls will be the Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Memorial Museum, the Charles Lindbergh House Museum and Charles A. Lindbergh State Park. The journey begins in the city of Royalton at the intersection of U.S. Highway 10 and Morrison County Highway (MCH) 26. Travelers can head west on MCH 26 a couple of miles to MCH 224, turn right and drive north on MCH 224 to encounter Blanchard dam, with the adjoining Soo Line trail which crosses the Mississippi River just south of the dam. North of Blanchard dam is a Mississippi River reservoir reaching close to a half-mile across. The river on a clear day is a beautiful deep blue. Morrison County Highway 224 turns into MCH 52. Keep following MCH 52 into the city of Little Falls, which boasts a variety of eating establishments on both sides of the Mississippi. Other notable attractions on the west side of the river are the Minnesota Fishing Museum and Pine Grove Zoo, both on Minnesota Highway 27. Driving east on Highway 27 across the Mississippi, the Little Falls Dam can be seen on the right.