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“I do all the brewing and cleaning and my kids help clean. My wife manages the tap room and we have five employees.” Cuyuna Brewing Company offers up to nine different kinds of beer on tap as well as non- alcoholic options such as root beer, kombucha, and Italian sodas. “I gravitate to brewing traditional European styles of beer,” Nick said. Each beer has a story behind it. Coming soon is a West Coast IPA and an Iowa Pines IPA. “People can bring their own food into the brewery or carry out from local restaurants. The brewery is dog-friendly, too. We are open every day in the busy summer months with all the tourists driving north. I am able to give tours to visitors if they want to see how we brew beer here,” he added. Crosby is a small town of 2,500 people and growing. Several new restaurants have opened up recently. The Huisinga family loves the community and lifestyle in Cuyuna County. Nick said there is plenty to do in the area: fishing, diving, paddle boarding, and mountain biking trails (fat biking in the winter). Mark Anderson, who calls the Nisswa area home, opened Gull Dam Brewing in October of 2014. “Barb and I were home brewers – that’s how a lot of breweries start,” he said. “The area will be a Gold Ride Center offering 75 miles of bike trails in the future. It’s always been a dream of mine to own my own business and now it’s also a family affair,” said Nick. They are open Thursday through Sunday. Visit Mark, a pilot for business flights, and Barb, who owns a medical device consulting company, bought their 15,000 square foot space from a wood stain manufacturing company. The facility has a tap room, a huge event center, and an outdoor stage which offers live music every Friday and Saturday all summer. Mark said, “It is the largest beer garden in central Minnesota. People can walk from the tap room into the beer garden. We are also dog-friendly.” Located in Nisswa, )5ձ) ɕݥ%(ѕȁձ)1́ݹ)5ɬ Ɉ)ͽYͥѽ)ɔɕѕ䁄ɝ)չѥ݅ѕȁݡєݥѠ)хɥѡѡɕݕ)Q䁡ٔеɵх́)qѽ̻tՍ́ȁ)QɅٕЁAՈ٥ͥ́ݡɔѽ́)ЁɔݥѠЁՍѽȸ)Qхɽ̀́хɥ)ٽ́مɥ丁QЁչՔ)]%9I%L)ȁݥٕ̰܁́Ёѡݥɥ́U9Ѡ) UIHY%9eIL Ʌ58Դ٥ɑ̹) I1=L I,]%9Idᅹɥ58ش̸ɱ͍ɕݥ乍) =IMY%9eII4]%9Id%ͱ58ش̸ͅ٥ɐ)99%LIU55=9]%9 =5A9d Ʌɐ58ܴشظݍ)I=8]%11=\]%9Id1AɅɥ58ظݥ乍)1Y%\]%9Id͡䰁58ܴĸ٥ݥ乍)=IMQ]%9Id1є58дԸɕѕݥ乍)3eQ=%1T9=IY%9eIAɭ́AɅɥ58ظѽչɑ٥ɐ)9=IQ!I8!=11=\]%9IdɅѽ58شĸѡɹݥ乍)M 9%Y11dY%9eIL ͡58Դظݥ)]!%MAI%9=-L]%9Id5ɽ͔58شุݡɥݥ嵸(ѥѥѠ