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Welcome Welcome to Destination Golf Spain 2019/2020 Destination Golf was launched to provide an essential guide to golf in Spain, which we will update every Spring, providing the golf traveller with the most up to date information. With so many great options available for a travelling golfer, it can often be difficult to finalise a golfing itinerary, so our team of representatives have visited all of the major regions with their clubs in tow and created a Top100 list which we recommend for 2019 & 2020. Over 1.4 million Irish people travel to Spain each year. It has long been a favourite for the Irish tourist due to its proximity, accessibility, culture, and of course its climate – it’s no surprise that record visitor numbers were recorded in 2017. For the travelling golfer, there is a vast assortment of choice; Award winning Championship courses, Friendly ‘pay and play’ courses, Leisurely resort courses or why not go off the beaten track to find that hidden gem. There’s also a diverse choice of golf destinations – all along the Southern tip from Murica to Cadiz, up the east Coast from Almeria to Girona, or any of the Canary or Balearic Islands. Madrid has also emerged as a new golf destination option. Spain is a fantastic country that is rich in history, passionate about its culture, spoilt with scenery, dedicated to tourism and fanatic about gastronomy. The contrasts in its terrain provides an astonishing range of cuisine and dynamic wine options, which have become more common place in the Irish market, as Mediterranean cuisine has rapidly grown in popularity. I hope you enjoy Spain and all that it has to offer. Dermot Synnott CEO & Managing Editor | Global Titles Destination Golf Media Ltd Destination Golf Media Ltd PUBLISHER: Dermot Synnott EDITOR: Kevin Markham DIGITAL EDITOR: Karl Doyle MARKETING MANAGER: Kathy Synnott COMMERCIAL MANAGER: Dane Galligan SPAIN MANAGER: David Doyle CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Kris Byers ACCOUNTS: Darren Maguire FRONT COVER Lopesan Meloneras Golf, Gran Canaria INTERNATIONAL REPRESENTATIVES Albert Ferrer (Spain) Francisco Pinto Leite (Portugal) Ronald Montesano (USA) Peter Barnes (UK) Gene Oberto (Sweden) Gianni Attanasio (Italy) David Cooney (China) Maarten Hageman (Netherlands) Benjamin Oosterveer (Morocco) Kevin Markham (Ireland) Declan Crowe (Malaysia) Wayne Morden (Canada) Lee Owen (Australia) Pall Sveinsson (Iceland) Dewi Merckx (Belgium) Ru Macdonald (Scotland) Zenta Thomas (Asia) David Doyle (Spain) YOUR ULTIMATE GUIDE TO GOLFING IN PORTUGAL 2018/19 YOUR ULTIMATE GUIDE TO GOLFING IN SCOTLAND 2018 SCOTLAND SPAIN’S TOP 100 John Cockayne (South Africa) SCOTLAND’S TOP 100 2018 Copyright 2019 Destination Golf Media Ltd. All rights 2018 & 2019 reserved. While every effort has been made to maintain integrity and accuracy, the publishers cannot be held responsible for any errors, inconvenience or legal YOUR ULTIMATE GUIDE TO GOLFING IN EUROPE 2018 YOUR ULTIMATE GLOBAL GOLF GUIDE 2019 proceedings of any kind arising from information, content, YOUR ULTIMATE GUIDE TO GOLFING IN SPAIN 2018/2019 EUROPE’S TOP 100 STAY & PLAY RESORTS advice or advertisements contained herein. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical photocopying, recording or otherwise with prior permission of the publishers.