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La Herreria Madrid » El Encin Opened in 2011, it is considered by most players as one of the best courses in Madrid. With the unmistakable stamp of the signature Mr. Von Hagge Smelek & Baril, wide fairways, well- placed bunkers protecting the fall of the ball and unique greens. In addition, there is some remarkable facilities with one of the best practice ranges in Spain.mSercotel El Encin Golf Madrid, is located in the protected nature area of Naturalcalá. The stylish onsite hotel is the only golf resort in the Region of Madrid, and offers spectacular views over the golf course. The modern, air- conditioned rooms have flat-screen TV and luxury bathrooms and free wifi is available throughout the property. Madrid » Golf Retamares The Club de Golf Retamares is a family sports club founded in 1993. Thirty minutes to the north of Madrid and near the A1 Madrid – Burgos motorway. The course stretches over 720,000 m² of land with spectacular views of the mountains and the capital. Among the recent changes, some of the most outstanding have been the construction of five lakes to complete a total of eight on the course, to the planting of 1200 trees, with a new network of buggy paths, improved watering and drainage system and the widening of the fairway of the emblematic 15th hole called Mirador. 76 Madrid » La Herreria Real Club de Golf La Herreria was established in 1966 and is )ѕɕЀխ́ɽ5ɥٕ䁍͔Ѽѡ)ɕͥٔ5ѕ䁽M1ɕ鼁͍ɥݡ݅)եЁѼɅєѡM͠٥ѽ䁽MEեѥѱ)ܸQ)ͥൡ͔̀ذ)ɕ́ѕɕɕѼ́ѡЁѥհ)͕́5ɥQ́Ё́եЁх䁅ɽչ)ѡɕЁѡ́͠ɕи)Q͕́ɔɽչѡ)ѡɔɵѡչх̸QՈ́Ʌѥ)ɥ٥ɅɕݥѠȁ̰չȁݼѥ)ɕ̰ݡɔ́Ёͽ̸)5ɥ ɼ9ѥ)Q9ѥ ɔѡI兰M͠Ʌѥ)ͥՅѕՉ䁽ݹمѡ5ɥ) չɑɕѡ݅́ѡ5єAɑ)ɬѡ4ɥɽѡ5ɅͥɄɡ)ѡ䁽5ɥձ䁥ѕɅѕѼѡ䁽5ɥѡ)9ѥ ɔ́ձȰɉՉ͔%Ё́)ѼЁѼݥѠչɝɽչхѥ́ѽ)ɉ䰁ѡ́ɕЁЁ́ɽ