Destination Golf Spain 2018 * - Page 56

Islantilla Huelva » El Rompido (North) Surrounded by a beautiful natural area, Las Marismas del Rompido, El Rompido boasts magnificent sea views. Opened in June 2006, the par72 18-hole north course is a monument to modern golf, intelligent and entertaining – as described in the Peugeot Guide to Europe’s Top 1000 Golf Courses. It is modern because it combines power with precision; intelligent because it makes you think about your shots before hitting; and entertaining because its medium-sized greens will entertain both the most skilled player and those with the highest handicaps. The course blends into the beauty of its natural surroundings but beware of the water features that come into play on holes 5 and 10. Huelva » El Rompido (South) Playing to a distance of 6168m from the back tees, the par-72 South course opened in October 2003. Designed by Alvaro Arana, the cours H[[ۙYHHX\H[\]YY[\\]\HY\[\X\\X[\\›وX\]YH[H[\KH[Hܙ\[\]\]]HY\[][\]Z\[\\H]YH[X\[ۈ[Z\\ˈH\KX[H^YYX\[Bۈ ٙ\X[\ܙY[ۛۈH[[ۙH\\[[[\XKHX[][ۈوX[ܘ\[[\ܘ\™]\HZ\^\HYܝXKX\[Y[ MY[H0\[[B\YۙYH[\]YH[[\[Z\X\[H B\H[Y[H[Y[ NNLH\^^[ݙ\YH[YX\\[[][X[H[YH[[\XZ[[[YK\]Y\X[[KXX\\[\[ˈBXYۚYX[[[\X[[HX\Hٙ\[H\\YYܝ[X[]Y\ˈ[ NNMH]YH\\[HX\\ۈH[^ZK\\[\[[H\\[Y[[Y[HTوZ[\\][HܙX]]YܞH[\]][ۈ\[[KX[ \Y[\Y[[ۙB L \\[]\K \YHY\[^[]œ\[YH\Y]][ۈ[][[XHY]˂Y[H0\H[[B]YHܝ\و\H[[KHXوH[YB[YH^[ݙ\H[X\ܛYHX[X]]\X[\ˈH^[]\[H\ܛYYH[\[BX]]Y[[\HZ[]YHH\ ]X[\\]B[ܘ[HY\YHوX\]Z\HۜY\][ۈ[^Z[YHZ\^\ˈ\H[[H\X\[[][›[ܙH]\H[H\Y]H[X]\[Z\ܙ\B[X\و\[HܙY[\H[\[H\H[[ BXYH[\ˈH\]H \XXXH[]]\HH]\HYوHܙY[HۜX[ۈق]YX[HXYY\YX[\H[[H\[XXH܈\›و[X[]Y\ˈHX[ٙ\\HXXHX[]Y\