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Maspalomas Gran Canaria » Maspalomas The majority of Gran Canaria’s golf courses are in the south of the island, which is one of the sunniest areas in the world. Here we can find the breathtaking Maspalomas Golf, surrounded by a nature park of sand dunes, a protected area of more than 400 hectares, with views of the Atlantic Ocean, palm trees and fine golden sandy beaches on the horizon. The dunes which surround the course are a feature incorporated into the design by Mackenzie Ross. Long and flat, with wide fairways, the proximity of the sea and its gentle breezes make this course a pleasant experience, thanks to the alizé winds. Maspalomas Golf celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2008, a memorable event attended by Green Jacket winner José María Olaz ($ɽѕѕɕɔѡ(хɕ̰ݥѠ٥́ѡ)ѱѥ=ɕ́)ͅ䁉́ѡ)ɥ齸()Ʌ ɥ 5Ʌ)9ȁѼ5́ ͔́ѡ܁5Ʌ́)ѕȀā͔ݡ)չ؁)ѡЁхЁɕͽ́Ʌ ɥЁѼѡ)5́ ɕ́ ɔȁѼյȁȁ)ٔхȁѕ̸Qձ䁽ѡ͔ݡ́ݥѠ)ѱȀа́ɅՅͼѡЁѡȁե)ɽɕٕͥѼѡɕ̸5Ʌ́ ͔)́ݼхѥ͕́䵡̃LݥѠ)չх٥́ѡѡȀ䵡́饹٥̰)ѡɕݡոɕѱ䁅ѡѱQ͔)́ȁѕ́ȁݡ́Ёѕɕѥ)ѕ́́ݕ́ɽ̸ͥ($)Qձ䁽ѡ͔ݡ)́ݥѠѱȀа́ɅՅ)ͼѡЁѡȁե)ɽɕٕͥѼѡɕ)̸