Destination Golf - September 2016 * - Page 23

ton, CEO of IAGTO Peter Walton, Chief Executive of global golf tourism organisation IAGTO, talks to Destination Golf’s Peter Ellegard DG: What prompted you to set IAGTO up? PW: IAGTO is 20 years old this year… For three years to 1996 I was UK Director of the Tenerife Tourist Office, during which time one of my goals was to turn this popular tourism destination into a successful golf destination, even though it only had three courses then, not the eight that it has now. In researching the market within the UK [^[ۙ H[ܛZ]Hو\XB][X܈X[YH\\[ ]Y]\\]B]\H[HXو[Hܙ[][ۈ܈\ܝX\KHXYY]HH][[][]YXY\[\X\[H[\][ۘ[\X][ۈو\\]ܜ PQH[B[\][ۘ[][X\][ NNM˂Έ\PQܛۈ[H[”Έ[\[X\و NNMH[HYX] \\]ܜYZ[[H[HRˈ^HH]B\Hو L Y[X\\[Y\[M[Y\قX H\H][\\]ܜ\Z[YBKHZ[[ۈ\ۈX][ۜ\YX\[ۙKB\\\و\Y[X\\\\\\ܝ\\[\\\[\\\B\Y\H\X[H]\H\[][ۈۈB[] Έ]\PQ[]Y[X\”Έ[Z[\[[\Y\\\\\8&^Y\&B[8&\Y\&H8$H^Y\[\\HZ[\\]ܜ[H\Y\Z[H\[][ۜZ\\\[[ˈ\HYH\X][ۂ\[Z]\[^\Y[XZH]X\Y\\B[[ܙHYX]H܈\^Y\[\Y\ܚ]\YHHY[[H]PQH\]وܙX][]X\YH][[ZX\X\]\HYX\]\Y[X\[ZHY[YHً]B[YHو\ܙ[\][ۈ\Y[X\\ܛ\YBYX\HYX\\H\H\H]^[\\΂(H\X\YH\\\HYHB[\][ۘ[][X\] [] N]YX\ۙY[\]YHYY][^X][ۜB(HܙX]YH\\\\HX\H[Bܛ܈H[Y]و\Y[X\¸(H]HY[[YYHݙ\Y[[\\\XHH\\H[[ۘ[[[YH 8(\YH B‚