Destination Golf - November 2016 * - Page 55

s 10th Anniversary The World Luxury Hotel Awards this year celebrated its 10thanniversary in awarding the world’s finest hotels for their luxury offerings and exceptional service delivery. Hosted on this auspicious occasion by the exquisite St. Regis Doha in Qatar, the evening saw over 350 guests from the world’s leading hotels and resorts gather to be recognised on stage for their outstanding efforts. Jet-lag was of no consequence with the regal Remède Spa onsite, providing guests with the ultimate experience in relaxation and rejuvenation. The spa, which boasts 22 treatment rooms, an Olympicsize swimming pool with views of the Arabian Gulf, a private beach and nine exclusive cabanas with Jacuzzis and water sports activities, was awarded Best Luxury Urban Escape in Qatar earlier this year by the World Luxury Spa Awards. It was the perfect oasis for weary travellers. The evening itself was one of true celebration. Participants from over 50 countries arrived to a grand red carpet welcome and were dazzled with champagne from Varichon & Clerc. Dining was to the perfection of Executive Chef Jean-Luc Morcellet; a chicly decadent 6-course meal was prepared to order and each course was elegantly plated and paired with a fine wine. Guests savoured their meals while being entertained with live, toe-tapping jazz music, performed throughout the evening with Gregory Generet as vocals, Richard D Johnson on piano, Nori Naraoka on bass, Darrian Douglass on drums and Philip Dizack on the trumpet. A glittering aerial performance by Valeria Baigacheva, who specialises in an extensive range of circus art forms, entertained guests as an aerial chandelier ring was utilised in her unique act. It was a beautiful and elegant display. Awards were presented to luxury hotels and resorts in over 60 categories on a country, regional, continent and global basis. Special congratulations on the evening went to the immaculate Armani Hotel Dubai, who was honoured as the prestigious 2016 Global Hotel of the Year. The hotel is situated within the iconic Burj Khalifa and reflects the pure elegance, simplicity an ͽѥѕЁѡЁ)ɝɵéͥɔ屔Qѕ́ѡɕͅѥѡ)ͥˊéɕѼɥ́屔ѼݥѠѡ)ፕѥMхݥѠɵɥݡ́ѡ)хɑ͕́٥ፕՔѼѡ]ɱ1!ѕ݅ɑ)ٕɅݥȁɥѕɥ5ɬ-ɉ䰁Ʌ5ȁȁѡɵ)!ѕՉɽՑ䁍ѕѡ݅ɐх()Yյ̃%Ք((((