Destination Golf - November 2016 * - Page 37

Friendly caddies at Angkor Golf Resort The Indonesia Open. are accessible to tourists for a daily fee. Particularly those that have a hotel attached. Many hotels have deals and reciprocal agreements with other clubs so that the variety of choices seems never ending. par with some of the world’s best. Names like Dye, Faldo, Norman, Jones, and Nicklaus are all here. TIPS First Rate rentals Bring your own shoes Rental clubs are common and reasonably priced but golf balls are expensive. It is highly recommended you bring your own along with your favorite pair of golf shoes. DESIGNERS One think about the golf slump around the world, the most famous and best designers have been flocking to SE Asia for years. Many of the courses they have produced are on a But don’t discount the many gems by lessor known designers found in every country. Be prepared to be surprised. Do you know there are over 120 golf courses in Myanmar? Admittedly many are super minimal built by the British in the early 1900’s when the country \[[Y\XK]YBوH^[]\H]Z]H[\\[HB]YX[\ܚX[\X]KX[B\Y\HݙH[\HY[[YB][[H[YH\ۙH^H[XB][\[Z[XHHܛBXYXوZ\[ ][[[H[H\X\Y\[\^[]H][[ˈ[H\B[\\H\[ۈ[\][ۘ[]K[[YH 8(\YH ͂‚