Destination Golf - November 2016 * - Page 36

Traditional Betawi dance Hole 14 at Angkor Golf Resort in Thailand season are often a good bet for some great golf at some very low prices. to turn a rainout into a spontaneous and exciting adventure. Storms blow up mostly in the afternoons and pass quickly. Even on courses where play is suspended for the day, the course is usually ready to go by morning. Spas, Oh glorious spas! For value and top shelf treatment one cannot beat the fare offered throughout SE Asia. ….. Every country has a distinctive style of massage that is worth trying at every new venue. Many of the best courses are sandcapped and The facilities can range from dirt cheap but drain off minutes after a heavy rain. A short highly satisfying local store front places to wait for a thunderstorm to pass, sometimes magnificent luxury retreats complete with as little as a half hour, is often rewarded with fragrant lush gardens, flowing water features, a rainbow and a leisurely finish to the round. natural hot springs, expert staff, and every treatment imaginable. With the focus not only on golf, there are tons of activities to be had on short notice PRIVATE CLUBS NOT SO PRIVATE, when the weather just won’t cooperate. ACCESSIBLE Temples, Jungles tours, Mountain Hikes, Local The term private club is a little different Markets, Cooking classes, and much more can in Asia. Nearly all the best places to play be key options to have in one’s back pocket 36 Destination Golf .TRAVEL