Destination Golf - November 2016 * - Page 33

ABU DHABI DO’S AND DONT’S If you are going to Abu Dhabi, here are some pointers that might help: DO’S DON’TS • Check with skyscanner or one of their competitors for the best deals on direct flights – you can make some big savings here. • Unless you can handle the heat, book from October to April • The local currency is the UAE dirham, for best rates contact your local bank • Must see Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque • Check out the impressive Emirates Palace • Although it is not as strict as other Muslim Countries, it is respectful for ladies to cover their shoulders when in public areas, Shopping Malls, Mosques etc. • The sale of alcohol is prohibited in public restaurants not associated with hotels or Licensed premises. • Must try the Friday or Saturday Brunch in the Westin • Bike ride on the Corniche followed by dinner in one of the many beach-side restaurants • Sundowners in Turquoiz Beach lounge at St Y\XY^X]\[\ܝ(Aљ\\Hܛ܈H\\[\\[Hܛ  KH B(A۸&]ܙ][\H[\\ܝ\ [۝[]Hو[\]\\^HYK(A۸&]ܙ]\[\[X]HX\]H\XHX\X\›[وH\[8&\]X[ۜ˂(AX\]\ܛ8$X܈YY\Y™]Z[\YH\\H܈YY\ۛB(HX\X[ H[H܈[[[\X\¸(AX]Hܘ[^XۈۙHوZ\ZHY[HXX˂PSPUTQSSTT΂Y\[˞X\[˘B\[XHXB˝\[XYXY\ܝ B܈˘YXBX[[][ێ˝X\Z[[\ܝ˘K[˜XYXB˝\[XYXY\ܝ B\\\˝\]XYXKYBXY^X]XXX˜ؙXYB[YH 8(\YH ͂‚