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AWARDS SEASON Destination Golf Media Ltd PUBLISHER Dermot Synnott EDITOR Karl Doyle CONTRIBUTORS Andrew Marshall Paul Marshall Ronald Montesano ACCOUNTANT Darren Maguire MARKETING MANAGER Kathy Synnott INTERNATIONAL OFFICES/AMBASSADORS • Albert Ferrer (Spain) • Ronald Montesano (USA) • Peter Barnes (UK) • Gene Oberto (Sweden) • Gianni Attanasio (Italy) • David Cooney (China) • Maarten Hageman (Netherlands) • Benjamin Oosterveer (Tunisia & Morocco) • Kevin Markham (Ireland) • Declan Crowe (Malaysia & Indonesia) • Jordan Fletcher (Canada) • Lee Owen (Australia) • Pall Sveinsson (Iceland) • Wayne Morden (Canada) The slightly calmer winter months provide the perfect time golf festivals, golf shows and golf awards shows. Lake Como in Italy recently played host to the International Golf Travel Market (IGTM) and the 15th annual IAGTO Awards. This glamorous awards show honours golf destinations, golf courses and golf Global tourism associations all reporting excellent growth throughout 2014,the and the resorts all over t heare world, withTthis years’ winners coming The Long from Drivers’ European Tour (LDE ) has established itself as afrom leading US golf team at Destination Golf can’t wait to get the 2015 travel season under way. We’ve got states of North andThis S outh Carolina, thebe Dominican Republic, Spain, Slovenia, tour all over Europe. year, there will 10 championships in 10 countries taking in stops at Scotland, Denmark , Holland, Austria, C zech Republic, Hungar y, China, Mexico, Morocco and Ireland. A long-standing member and media Slovenia, Italy and Por tugal. partner of IAGTO, we are delighted to review the 2014 IAGTO Awards. In January 2015, we were delighted to announce our media partnerships with leading golf Owing to its rapid grow th, giant Golf Williams Racing Golf ( WRG) eFormula shows Toronto Golf Show (Canada) and1Rhein (Germany). This follows onhave from our signed a sponsorship agreement whereby the clubs and golf accessories brand media partnership withmain the inaugural Golf Awards, which took place Golf in theisAlgarve becomes one of the sponsorsWorld of the 2016 circuit. Destination proud 24 celebrities sport all paired professional golfers back Novemberfrom 2014. It’sfertainment not possible to feature of thewith winners from around the to be in associated as anent of icial Media and Par tner. for abut weekend golf,back glamour gala events. scale world, we take of a look to thisand glitzy event that isThis surelarge to grow in event, stature which of the In took keeping with the Formula 1 theme, our fis irst destination feature comes from in the place at Mission !