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Durness GC John O Groats and the jagged sea stacks of Duncansby perched at the end of lochs, hiding behind forests or Head. This is as far north on the mainland as you blazing beneath sunsets. The driver, however, needs to can go, before you drive west across the top of the be paying close attention to the single lane tracks and country. The scenery grows ever more spectacular as the longhorn cattle, sheep and deer that can appear at the roads grow ever narrower. any moment. Besides, the views require far more than The final golf course of note is as far from Inverness a passing glance. as can be, in the north-west of the country. It took No doubt the biggest decision for visiting golfers is me close to a day to reach the village of Durness, so how to divide your time between the golf courses and dramatic was the scenery that I stopped constantly the ever-present beauty of the North Coast 500 route. to breath it all in. Durness Golf Club [http://lucy916. But be sure to combine plenty of both and take your] has nine tumbling links time. holes that is a slice of heaven. And, if you’re very lucky, you’ll get a British Navy bombardment of Garvie Island out in the bay, beneath the appropriately named Cape FURTHER INFORMATION: Wrath. The west coast is all about the scenery. Even history has taken a back seat to the drama that unfolds as you Scottish Tourist Office - Golf drive south. The NC500 may be marketed as a ‘driving’ North Coast 500 route but really you want to be the passenger as roads fall down mountainsides into charming villages Volume 3 • Issue 32 49