Destination Golf Ireland 2019 * - Page 46

Favourite Hole: The short par four 13th, named ‘Around the Bend’, is aptly named. At 305 metres it suits those with a draw who can thread it between the dense pine trees. The green will be above you. What's in the Bag? Picking when you can go for broke or when you need to be cautious off the tee. Courtown The sunny south-east is a popular summer haunt and Courtown Golf Club certainly blossoms during the summer holidays, but this 80 year old parkland offers smart and enjoyable golf all year round. The course roams over lilting, tree-lined terrain with several tee boxes promising those delicious drives at fairways below or over crests; from a couple of them the proximity of the sea is made abundantly clear. The trees squeeze in and out, presenting different challenges, and for every hole where you have room you’ll find another where accuracy is paramount. Combined with some short par fours this is why it is so much fun to play. The greens are good, two of the par fives offer good birdie opportunities, and the par threes are all excellent. As good as the 131-metre, water-laced 18th is, the honour for best short hole goes to the 169-metre 14th, which plays over a deep gully to a treacherous green. 44