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Welcome Welcome to Destination Golf Ireland 2018 Your Ultimate Guide to Golfing in Ireland On behalf of the team at Destination Golf, it is my pleasure to present the 2018 Edition of our Top150 course guide to Ireland. Our goal is to help promote Ireland as a top quality destination by working close with its premier courses. Throughout the following 152-pages we hope to take you on a golfing journey around Ireland, highlighting golf courses and golf resorts that should be considered for 2018. We’ve all heard the phrase that “content is key”, so this edition is packed full of stunning golf imagery and informative text from renowned Irish golf journalist and author Kevin Markham. We also have destination features on “Emerald Isle Golf Gems” from our travelling duo of Andrew & Paul Marshall. Over the years, Ireland has produced Golfing Legends, Ryder Cup Heroes and Major Winners. It has built a reputation for being able to stage global golf events like the Ryder Cup and Solheim Cup, and it is a regular destination for European Tour, Challenge Tour and Ladies Tour events. Take a quick glance at the list of golf course designers here and you’ll find designs from famous names like Nicklaus, Palmer, Norman, Faldo, Montgomery, O’Meara, Langer, O’Connor Jnr, McGinley and more. Golfers can tee it up on courses surrounded by meadows and forests, around lakes and loughs, up high on mountain tops, on the edge of terrifying cliffs, or through giant dunes along the coastline. After your game, the lively 19th holes and Irish “Craic” is World renowned. For me, it is all about the special charm and unique experiences that this destination has to offer the travelling golfer. Enjoy Ireland and all the journeys of discovery that it will take you on. Dermot Synnott CEO / Managing Editor Destination Golf Media Ltd. IRELAND Destination Golf Media Ltd PUBLISHER: Dermot Synnott EDITOR: Kevin Markham DIGITAL EDITOR: Karl Doyle COMMERCIAL MANAGER: Dane Galligan Digital MARKETING MANAGER: Kathy Synnott CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Kris Byers ACCOUNTS: Darren Maguire CONTRIBUTORS: Kevin Markham, Andrew Marshall, Paul Marshall, Mark Behan, Jamie Gibson, Nick Bradshaw, Synergy, Failte Ireland, Tourism Ireland. FRONT COVER Tralee Golf Club INTERNATIONAL REPRESENTATIVES Albert Ferrer (Spain) Francisco Pinto Leite (Portugal) Ronald Montesano (USA) Peter Barnes (UK) Gene Oberto (Sweden) Gianni Attanasio (Italy) David Cooney (China) Maarten Hageman (Netherlands) Benjamin Oosterveer (Morocco) Kevin Markham (Ireland) Declan Crowe (Malaysia) Wayne Morden (Canada) Lee [ ]\[XJB[ݙZ[ۈ X[[ B]HY\ [][JBHXXۘ[ [ B[HX\ \XJB]Y[H Z[B^[H ]YXJB\Y N\[][ۈYYXH [Y\\Y [B]\HYܝ\Y[XYHXZ[Z[[Yܚ]H[X\XKBX\\[H[\ۜXH܈[H\ܜ[۝[Y[H܂Y[YY[و[H[\\[H[ܛX][ۋ۝[ YXB܈Y\\[Y[۝Z[Y\Z[\و\XX][ۈX^BH\XY ܙY[H]Y][\[H܈[Z]Y[[HܛB܈H[HYX[[XۚXYX[X[Z[Xܙ[܂\\H][܈\Z\[ۈوHX\\˂