Destination Golf Ireland 2018 * - Page 128

GALWAY GOLF CLUB Est 1895 Host Club - 2019 Irish Girls’ Close Championship Located in the famous seaside resort of Salthill, Galway GC offers the discerning visitor a Championship 18 hole Parkland Course with spectacular views over Galway Bay, the Burren and Aran Islands [X[[BوX]\HY\[]]Y[Y\YܙY[[[Hو[ܜH[\H^]\ \[X[]Y\[YH][ܙY[ܝ[YHXXH\XK[K[H[][][\\Y[H]Y[ܝ[Y\\ۈ[ٙ\YXH[\\[Hۈ[\Xو[\\] [[^[HYܝXH\[[و\ \܈\ [[HXٙ\˜\[Y[\HQH \\YH[[] ͌YܙYHY]و[^H^H[H\KۈRH]H8 K  H8 K  RH]\H8 K  [^HXXܛ[[ [^K\[[  L NLH L N[[^YHΈ˙[^YH˙XX˘K[^YXۛH [Z[]\H[^H[ H0H ZBX[]H]M[ܝ^KYXBX\ۙXۚ\Y\ۙHوH[\\[\\[H[KYH8&\\[Y\H[ۛXو Lx&HHRBۛX[ H\ H\Hٙ\HZ\][[[\܈[\˂YH\H]\[Z[[ܛ[YXHXٙ\\X[[ܙY[˜[YH\]\Z]]H^XXH[YX\[ ܈\X\ۈHY\^B[\[\ LYZوHYX\HX\HYY][ۈوݚY[B\H[YH[]\]ܜ[Y]Y\˂Y\[Z[[\[YHوH]X[[HH[ܘ[ZXY]وB\H[X[\H]Y[X\[BY[H\[\]\[ YXHX[ٙ\H\و^B[^HXY\[ۚ[[ۈ]H \YXH[ K\ HZ[]\&H]BHH\KX\H۸&]\]]B۝X\܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋYXHXܘZYYKYXKˈ[^KۙN L NLH H H ٙXHX[H8$ \JB[XZ[YXYXZ\K]X˛YXYXBۙH™\˂\[[8&\[\\[\