Destination Golf Ireland 2018 * - Page 12

The superb 596-yards par-5 2nd at Tralee Golf Club. A golfer on the 16th green at Waterville. The par-4 7th at The European Club is one of the world’s greatest 100 golf holes. Kilmore course designed by Ally McIntosh, offering more exciting holes routed through the same huge dunes. Be sure to make the pilgrimage. Ballybunion Golf Club – County Kerry. Located on the Shannon Estuary among some of the largest and most formidable sand dunes in Ireland, this world-class links exudes a majestic feel, and has remained virtually unchanged since 1893. Links aficionado Tom Watson who warmed up on Tom Simpson’s venerable design for each of his five British Open victories once said: “Ballybunion is a course on which many golf architects should live and play before they build courses. I consider it a true test of golf.” Knowledgeable golfers will know that Ballybunion Old is a must-play at least once in a lifetime. The Old course is complemented by the excellent Cashen course designed by Robert Trent Jones Senior. Forget the lob wedge here and think the bump-and-run and creative shot making. Tralee Golf Club – County Kerry. Representing the first European design of Arnold Palmer, Tralee Golf Club is a traditional links and although only built in 1980 has gained a reputation right up there with the big guns of Ireland’s west coast links. The 590-yards par-5 2nd is the signature hole - a sweeping dogleg right vFFR&V6267FB&Bf"6Ɩ6RЧ&RvfW'2g&FRFVR&6FW&R&R&֖2fWw0bFRVF&R6W'6RvFFRFvRV7VFR&G&VVvf6V"6УFRwFw&VVBFRWW&V6V"vFW'fRvbƖ26VGW''vbW&R27V6WW&V6R( 2FR&VWGb6762Ɩ2B7W'&VFVB'FP6VWBf&WfW"6VvVBB6VB'FRVVVG2fW V'2BvFW'fR2gFV&FVBrFRFR6W'6W0&VBBFRF#Ɩ26W'6W2FRv&BfW"FPV'2w&VB62fRFRFRW&WFFW6Pח7F6Ɩ26VFrV2gW'GWf( V&7FWv'@BvG2F&W&Rf"FR'&F6V( WfW'Fr&W@vFW'fR2G'Vǒ7V7F7V"( 6BFW&Fǒ66V@vb&6FV7BFfvv26֗76VBFWFFRF0V&&RVFFR6WGB7FW'V6R( FR6WGFr2RbFP&W7BfR6VVf"vb( vFW'fVvfƖ2PFRWW&V6V"6VGv6r7&gFVBWBbGV&ƖpGVW2'B'VFGFRWW&V6V"fVGW&W2ֆW2W0"&W2"72bW6FrƖ2vbvFG&F2fWw2bFP&66VF226V6FRvbBG2fW'&W7BvFf7B'Vpf'v2w&VV2FBfFRFRF6B'V&67&W2`Fvfr'&w&727G&rvG2BFRF7FRb6BFR6V"WBf"FRCs&G2"BwFfFVBRbFPv&N( 2w&VFW7BvbW2FvW"vG26WBFRƖ26W'6P&V6&BBcr6BVǒ'F#"B6C( vBvFW&gVF6W62FVvB6RbF6R"N( 2vW&R"^( 2w&VBƖ2( FVWW&V6V"6ФBGFW"vW&RW"W&WFW2RFRvb6W'6W2`&VB&R7W&RFW6FVB