Destination Golf Catalonia 2015 2016 - Page 89

y Da ips Tr Montserrat The monasteries of Catalonia provide a fantastic religious tourism option, as residents and tourists alike come for prayer, meet friends & family, and simply to view the stunning architectural designs. The region of Catalonia is dotted with vast amounts of shrines and monasteries, especially in the mountain areas, which are largely dedicated to the Virgin Mary. One of the most important of these monasteries is at Montserrat, which is widely regarded are one of the main spiritual reference points in Catalonia. When in Catalonia a visit to the Mountain of Montserrat is a must for anyone with its spectacular peaks rising over 4000ft and the Benedictine monastery founded in the 11th century. The Virgin of Montserrat is housed in the abbey and is the Patroness of Catalonia. The Abbey has also become world famous because of its boy’s choir “Escolania” and school of music, considered to be the choir of oldest European tradition. A trip to the top of the mountain gives some breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. WWW.BARCELONAGOLF.COM 87