Destination Golf - August 2017 * - Page 65

Real Club de Golf de Valderrama is one of the best known golf clubs in Europe, globally recognised and respected. It is often referred to as “the Augusta of Europe”. If you are lucky enough to get an invitation to play it, drop everything and accept. At least, that’s what I did when Operations Director Mr. Fernando Padrón got in touch. Driving west down the AP7 towards Algeciras / Cadiz, like a kid off to visit Santa, my golf shoes have been polished, clubs sparkling, and extra golf balls have been packed in. The sign says “Exit 130 – Valderrama”, surging excitement levels to an all-time high on the point of bursting. Passing the security gate, the clubhouse comes into sight. The mind wanders, heroic golfing memories of Seve winning the Ryder Cup, McGinley winning ѡYټ5ѕ̰Սɔ)$Ѽɔ$)݅ͻeЁɕ)I ՈYɅ́ѕ)Սѡ፱ͥٔɕͽЁMѽɅ)܁́ɽɅхȁ́ѡ)ɽ5ѕɹѥиYɅ)݅́ՍѕЁѼѡͥ́)ɥ͔ɍѕЁIЁQɕ))̸Iq1ٕ́ϊtİЁ݅́եɕ))=ѥAѧżЁ݅́ɕͥ)ѡɥɍѕЁ)qYɅt)QAȀā ͡ ͔ɕ̀)ɕ́ɽѡɽͥѕ̰Ёѡɗe)䁑ɕЁѕ́ȁٕ́ȸQ)͍݅́ٔɥѽɽ́)ɥѕ́́ѡЁɽ)ѡݽɱѡݽɑ̃qӊtݕɔѥ)Ёѡɽչȁɽ)Yյ̃%Ք(