Destination Golf - August 2017 * - Page 41

I first met Anthony Giacoponello in 2010 when I featured Sebonack Golf Club in my first book, Golf Club World - Behind the Gates. I am in awe of Anthony’s culinary training, from Ducasse, Boulud, Kunz, Portale and more. I have worked with many of these chefs myself, and I know how passionate and committed you need to be to keep up the pace in a kitchen under their watch. ~ Diana Delucia Anthony, tell us a little about how you became a chef and where you’ve worked. My first endeavor in a kitchen was during junior high school. My father Joseph, who is a very close friend of Sirio Maccioni through business, arranged for me to stage for two weeks at the famous Le Cirque restaurant. I was in awe as I walked through the kitchen just knowing the innovative food that was created in this kitchen. The chefs were very generous with their time with me, and it was truly an education. I will never forget when I was cleaning the sea scallops next to the Poissonnier and feeling the scallop twinge as I sliced it very thin for the famous sea scallop “black tie.” That’s how fresh their products were! After I graduated from high school, I was fortunate to be able to work at the Grand Hotel Victoria Jungfrau in Interlaken, Switzerland. I wanted to study hotel management, and my objective was to rotate through all the departments at the resort before I went to college for my degree. My first job was in the kitchen where everybody spoke German. The Executive Sous Chef was English, however, and thankfully took me under his wing. Over time, I became friends with everybody there because they wanted to know more about American culture and they realized that I genuinely enjoyed the work and loved the atmosphere. The comradery that came from that experience inspired me to continue in this field, and it was a special feeling to be a part of a superb culinary team. Tell us about Marcus Samuelsson. It was also in Interlaken at the hotel kitchen where I met Marcus Samuelsson. He was working his station and saw me trying to figure out what was going on. Fortunately for me, Marcus was raised in Sweden and spoke perfect English. We became close friends, hung out together, went to movies, etc. Even after I left Switzerland, he came to visit me in New York and stayed at my family’s home for a few days. We reunited a few years later when I worked a few months at Aquavit with Marcus. It was an experience I will never forget! Gray Kunz is quite the man in the kitchen, what was it like working under him? Volume 3 • Issue 40 41