Destination Golf - August 2017 * - Page 38

Mark Siegel, Golf Asian Kyi Hla Han with Sam Sakocius Strand fa├žade by night Myeik Archipelago in the South IMAGE CREDITS: Myanmar Ministry of Tourism Mr. Kyi Hla Han, President, Kyi Hla Han Golf. Mr. Mark Siegel, President, Golf Asian. Ms. Marlar Aye, Country Director, Asia Expectations. Win Zaw, Managing Director, Asia Expectations. Myanmar Ministry of Hotels & Tourism. Mr. Sam Sakocius, President, Qualitas Project Control. SAM SAKOCIUS Sam Sakocius is an internationally acclaimed, award winning, real-estate, resort, and golf development/ tourism expert. When he is not authoring a new perspective or discovering developing markets, he manages his consultancy, Qualitas Project Control LLC, 38 Destination Golf .TRAVEL