Destination Golf - August 2017 * - Page 12

FERMOY GOLF CLUB Established in 1892, this wooded course represents a challenging test for both the expert and the novice golfer. The newly refurbished clubhouse and restaurant overlook the rolling course and countryside. Corrin Hill is a focal point for the area with its commanding stone cross at its summit. Situated on the sunny south facing slopes of Corrin Hill and set in a glorious profusion of natural heather and gorse, it offers a varied and interesting challenge to experienced and occasional golfers alike. The course commands a breath-taking view of the Blackwater Valley. Located just outside Fermoy town, the golf course is just a 20 minute drive from Cork city on the Cork - Dublin Road. Carton W6PfW&vb6V"6'&fW&66&&V@FVâ3S2#R3#cBVâfW&vf6V$V&6WBvV'6FSwwrfW&vf6V"PDr&VBGfW'G2#rFB@#"#b304$rtb4T Vr6&rvb6V"2RFFPRFVW'&666W'6Rv60&VwV&ǒ&Vv&FVB2RbFRfW7B&@6W'6W2&VBB2FRVVRGW&G66RFB&V2G'V"&VBF@W26&rFV6V"f"f6FrvfW'2'FW"7W7F"6&7G( 6"V"6PFW67&&VB6&~( 2gF2FRfW7BgFRFR6VG'FW67&&rW"6W'6R0R( BF&R֗76VN( FR6V"ffW'2W6VVBf6ƗFW26VFp&7F6R&vR&7F6RWGFrw&VVW v6V"&fW76gVǒ7F6VBvb66V&W6R&"B&W7FW&BvF&fFPV&W'2&"B6W"&2f"V7W&Vǐ&VBFR6V"62FR&ֆR6W'6RV&R( B( 6W'6Rf"f6F'2FVâ3S2S3cRVâf6&vvf6V"RvV#wwr6&vvf6V"PFW7FFvbE$dT