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10 Swim with dolphins 16 Scoot around in a Subscooter 19 Helicopter Tours 15 Take an Undersea Walk: Don a divers’ helmet and walk on the sandy bottom of a lagoon in the north of Mauritius to discover the island’s amazing underwater world after a motorboat transfer from Grand Baie. You don’t even need to be able to swim. The helmets are fed fresh air from solar-powered electric compressors. 16 Scoot around in a Subscooter: Share the experience of riding below the waves in a Subscooter with your partner and discover the marine flora and fauna of Mauritius. Easy to pilot, the underwater scooter has a steering wheel, two accelerator pedals and a single button to dive or go up to the surface. 17 Do a skydive: Take a leap into the void and enjoy exceptional views of Mauritius from on high. Starting with a 25- minute flight up to 3,000 metres for aerial sightseeing across the island’s north, it’s then time for a tandem jump with an experienced instructor for a heart-racing one- minute freefall until the parachute opens for a five-minute descent. 18 Flyn’Dive: Soar and swoop over the waves on a jet of water at Grand Baie, with no prior experience. A certified and experienced instructor explains how it works during a full safety briefing you strap into the Flyn’Dive-Board and a swim vest. The Flyn’Dive board is connected to a powerful water pump by a hose, creating a water jet that will lift you softly or send you soaring into the air. 56 20 Tea tasting 19 Helicopter Tours: A helicopter ride from the SSR International Airport offers an incredible way to view Mauritius’s spectacular diversity of landscapes, from deep meandering valleys to mountains, natural reserves and the stunning lagoon that encircles the island. 20 Tea tasting: Discover the history of tea in Mauritius at Bois Chéri, the island’s biggest tea producer that has been operating since 1892 and produces a range of flavoured teas, green teas and herbal teas. Enjoy a cuppa during your visit while taking in the panoramic view of the stunning south of Mauritius. Domaine des Aubineaux, a beautiful colonial house built in 1872, has been transformed into a museum dedicated to the history of Mauritian Tea. 21 Rum tasting: Learn about rum distillation and maturing at the Rhumerie des Mascareignes distillery before sampling the locally- produced rum. It is located at Le Chateau de Labourdonnais, which embodies the concept of “a castle at the heart of nature” and has more than 50 hectares of land under cultivation, producing a variety of tropical fruits.