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6 Pamplemousses Botanical Garden 7 Chamarel 8 Street food 7 Chamarel: Take in the splendour of one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Mauritius, the Chamarel Falls, in the Chamarel Highlands, and see the Seven Coloured Earth geological formation – the multiple hues created by minerals in the dunes. 8 Street food: Taste the diverse cuisines of Mauritius by sampling street food from its many markets. Capital Port Louis is ranked by The Telegraph as one of the world’s top 10 cities for street food. 9 Adventure tours: Get the adrenalin racing on eco-adventures in former sugar cane estates, from treks and horse riding to mountain biking and 4x4 safaris. In Domaine Bel Ombre, go quad biking into the Frederica Nature Reserve to see deer and wild boars. 10 Swim with dolphins: A once-in-a-lifetime experience, go swimming with wild dolphins in their natural habitat. Trips are done under the supervision of professionals while respecting these impressive marine mammals. 9 Adventure tours 11 Walk with lions: This activity takes place on the banks of Riviere du Rempart in an area of the safari park at Casela Nature Park, where resident lions roam freely – giving you a unique opportunity of being in close contact with them and even feed them under the supervision and guidance of the lions’ handlers. 12 Feed giraffes: Giraffes are very approachable at Casela World of Adventures, and they love being fed by visitors of all ages. They are also very good at posing for selfies. 13 Take a submarine dive: Dive down to 30 metres in the Blue Safari Submarine, located in Trou aux Biches in the north of Mauritius. This exquisite submarine adventure is for anyone who wants to appreciate underwater marvels such as moraines, exotic fish and colourful coral reefs. 14 Ride an electro-bike: Discover the beauty of Mauritius on eco-friendly guided and self-guided tours. Cycling through the south-west of the island to explore the majestic Le Morne Brabant, Chamarel village and its Seven Coloured Earth or the picturesque Souillac village on an electro bike is both fun and enjoyable. 55