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THE MOST MEMORABLE GOLF COURSES IN ASIA 2019 – JUDGING PANEL KYI HLA HAN 10 year Chairman of the Asian Tour, Multiple Time Asian Tour Champion, Order of Merit winner, and currently the President and Principal Designer of Kyi Hla Han Golf Design. Reuter’s named Kyi Hla the “7th most influential person in Asian SPORT” in 2015. Mr Han has the unique distinction of being an Asian designer living and working in Southeast Asia. Having reached a pinnacle of Asian professional golf and spending a lifetime as a successful businessman, he is incorporating that expertise to his design philosophy and to the courses he has had a hand in designing. He is also leading the drive to develop youth programs throughout SE Asia. And importantly, consulting to owners who desire to bring their courses to international tourism and competition standards. MARK SIEGEL Owner and Managing Director of Golfasian - the largest Asian golf tour company. In 2018, Golfasian handled 23,252 golf tourists, who played 140,791 rounds. Golfasian also maintains the most comprehensive website on golf in Asia Mr. Siegel was instrumental in the formation of “Golf In A Kingdom; The Thai Golf Experience”; the biggest golf destination marketing organization (DMO) in the world and included the best golf courses in Thailand and the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Also, Mr. Siegel founded “Golf Coast Vietnam” a DMO which promotes Vietnam’s best golf courses to the world. Golfasian attends major golf trade shows, regularly organizes educational trips for international tour operators and journalists. Mr. Siegel is a respected golf tourism industry expert and speaker. He has presented at numerous golf and travel conferences, seminars, and professional events and is regularly called upon by government bodies to assist with their golf tourism strategies and plans. Mr. Siegel currently resides in Bangkok together with his wife and 14-year-old son. SAM SAKOCIUS President Qualitas Project Control. Renowned for building over 130 golf courses worldwide. USA Golf Course “Builder of the Year”, Entrepreneur, Innovator, Development and Construction Expert, Author, Lecturer, Panelist and Perennial Judge for Golf Inc “best of” competition, he is currently consultant and technical advisor to World’s top Golf Designers as well as to the foremost Golf and Hospitality developers. Mr Sakocius is regarded as the global expert in all aspects of golf development and related real estate disciplines with a focus on Luxury and Eco Resorts and state of the art “Entertainment Zones”. He specializes in the technical aspects of golf functionality, design quality and feasibility, efficiency, and technical soundness over the course of planning, design, and implementation of a project. He is currently consulting to projects in Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka with projects in various stages of development in Portugal and Turkey. Qualitas is based in South East Asia enabling rapid response time to any issues as they arise. DERMOT SYNNOTT MBA CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Destination Golf global guides. A former scratch handicap golfer, Dermot has been working in golf publishing and golf destination marketing campaigns across the last 20-years, spear heading projects for many tourist boards around the World. He has been a Director of Golf Digest and the Ryder Cup Official Guides at Celtic Manor, but as Founder and CEO of Destination Golf Media Ltd, he is the driving force behind 14-annual Destination Golf global guides, 20-regional editors, 73-affiliate partners which reaches 500,000 travelling golfers. He is extremely active, connected and respected in global golf tourism, and recently joined the World Golf Awards / World Travel Awards management team as a Director of Global Partnerships. The global website is Testimonial “What Destination Golf does is very important for the golf tourism industry because 70% of golf travellers are looking for new destinations to visit. In their search they need a source that they trust. So, by giving golfers who are curious about new golf destinations recommendations by good and seasoned golf travel writers, Destination Golf is providing an essential service to the travel industry. There are so many wonderful, but maybe little known destinations, just like here in the Philippines, so it’s a very important ambassadorial job that Destination Golf is providing to traveling golfers and the industry. There are so many golf locations that need the sort of promotion that Destination Golf provides for the industry. So thank you, Destination Golf, for the service you do for the industry.” Destination Golf Asia Team of Mr. Sam Sakocius and Ms. Zenta Thomas with Mr. Peter Walton (IAGTO) at Asia Golf Tourism Convention (AGTC), Philippines 2018. Mr. Peter Walton, Managing Director, The International Association of Golf Tour Operators (Iagto) 3