Design Buy Build Issue 31 2018 - Page 97

Q uan Garden Art is a new European cook, grill and even smoke your food. The grouped into two basic design lines — premium brand embracing the large number of accessories allow you to quadro and rondo. outdoor lifestyle. make this experience even more exciting and differentiated. All materials are top quality, including iroco (durable African hardwood), granite and It offers a wide range of unique, skilfully The Quan grill is a result of a long engineering metal, which comes in three different styles process and many tests, developed together — rusted corten, black carbon and silver with famous Dutch Michelin-star top chefs. stainless steel. All products are manufactured ‘The goal was not only to deliver a functional in the European union and meant to last product, but also make it look like a piece of for years thanks to their minimalist design, art which everyone enjoys to look at’ says durable materials and quality. ‘Quan Garden the founder of the company. To complete the Art gives you a full, luxury outdoor life All EՅɑӊáɽՍ́ɔёȁɥEՅ́эɥd)ͥɽɕմɑɹɔɅѥQ́ѼѡݽɕɕԁٕݽɕѥѕȰݡɔ)ɕɅѕɽՍ́)ȁɑȁѡ!I )EՅé͍ɽՍ́ɔ፱ͥٔ)ёȁ̰ѥѥ)ɹɔQɅ́܁ѡɭа)ѡȁȁݽɬٕ́ե))ՙɕ)