Design Buy Build Issue 31 2018 - Page 95

Deep Point Road House A 1950s ranch house failed to make the most of its 17-acre site overlooking two converging creeks. The owners wanted to enlarge the house and take advantage of the sweeping vistas and light reflected off the water. The house was torn down to its foundation, which had to be kept in part due to the building’s proximity to the water. (The Chesapeake Bay Act would have required that a new structure shift significantly away from the shore.) A new entry on the east facade divides the original south-facing volume from the den extension to the north, creating a breezeway with a water view and access to a wraparound desk. An exterior stair continues the breezeway sequence, which culminates in a rooftop garden. Inside, the living spaces feature a three-sided, storefront-like glass enclosure offering views to the south, west and north, with large sliding doors leading to the deck. Photographer— Francis Dzikowski/OTTO 95