Design Buy Build Issue 31 2018 - Page 87

Interiors & Interior Design BEAUTIFUL NEW HI-FI SHOP Azores printable acoustic panels LOUD & CLEAR EDINBURGH OPEN NEW PREMISES John Carroll, Managing Director, is delighted that his vision for a new type of hi-fi shop has been realised. John explains how he has created a new retail experience for his customers: Artnovion combines art and innovation to create the most beautiful and effective panels designed to improve the acoustics in any ‘Looking at retailing as a whole has told us that consumers in all market areas want an experience whilst shopping. Before setting up Loud & Clear in Edinburgh 18 years ago, I was fortunate enough to work in high street retailing with the likes of Ravel and Next as a retail trainer. I also ran an outdoor driving experience and activity company. In both of these roles the customer experience was my main mantra. room. The Azores range is designed for residential and commercial Fast forward 18 years and we have decided that the audio and video experiences we offer, whilst amazing, are just not enough. With that in mind the new showroom for Loud & Clear at Commercial Quay in Edinburgh has been designed and built by ourselves to challenge our customers’ senses. Using the finest materials, beautiful wood and metal work, our coffee bar is at the heart of our new events space. Yes, an events space, and not a Hi-Fi shop, because we aim to make music an event. We have cleverly interwoven tactile materials, artwork and great industrial design to challenge the finest of minds during their purchase. Venture deeper into our space and you will discover our media room. Lined with huge douglas fir timbers we have built in invisible loud- speakers from Amina Technologies to create a full Dolby Atmos home cinema. At the touch of a button, our lovely lounge is transformed into a stunning movie theatre. possibilities. Anything can be printed on them: photographs, properties and delivers a dramatically improved audio performance as well as a stunning focus to any interior environment. The new Azores Printable range allows multiple customisation patterns, artwork and company logos. Azores Printable is the most versatile acoustic panel in the world allowing the selection of any image for any of the seven panel shapes in the range. Images are printed directly onto the acoustic panels’ fabric using water based pigments. The fabric then undergoes a special heat- conditioning process to ensure long-lasting UV protection and colour vibrancy. No additional chemicals are used in the preparation or printing of the fabrics - a more eco-friendly method. We encourage anyone with a passion for music and design to join us for a great coffee or herbal tea and discuss how Loud & Clear can help awaken their senses within their own home.’ The Azores range has been designed to improve sound reflections to give the perfect Reverberation Time in any space. With fully adjustable fixing systems the panels can be placed on the wall or hung from the ceiling. Each panel has discreetly placed threaded inserts that are compatible with all M6 accessories. This revolutionary system also allows panels to be pre-joined for fast and precise installation. Artnovion blends the best elements of luxurious design and engineering to offer a selection of products that bring art to the acoustic environment. The panels offer soundproofing by controlling sound levels and deliver improved sound quality by shaping the way sound interacts within the room. For more information on the Azores range and all of Artnovion’s FOR MORE INFORMATION: acoustic product ranges please go to 87