Design Buy Build Issue 31 2018 - Page 84

Interiors & Interior Design Just Shutters LEIVARS We don’t do ‘ordinary’. When Just Shutters visit your project we don’t just see a window, we see light, we see a gateway into your world that has the power to change the way you live. Our world class designers and fitters have an exceptional eye for detail and will expertly guide you through the finest choice of shutters in the UK, including Just Shutters exclusive ranges. Our stunning interior shutters combine both beauty and practicality. Stylish and elegant, shutters bring a designer look to any room, while their durability and hardwearing nature make them the perfect choice for high traffic areas, humid environments and even the commercial and hospitality sector. Offering privacy and light versatility like no other product on the market, shutters can elevate your renovation project to the next level. LEIVARS is a high end interior design practice with a fundamental passion for creating beautiful interiors. Whether inspired by existing architecture or our clients individual tastes, every stage of design is considered with meticulous attention to detail. For the finest range, expert service and lifetime guarantee, call us on 0845 894 0700 or visit A focus on quality and practicality has earned LEIVARS five industry awards, extensive press coverage, and House and Garden ‘one to watch’ status. Most recently we have received a ‘Best of Houzz Design’ accolade for the fifth year running, our fourth consecutive ‘Best of Houzz Service’ award, and finalist status for the second time in the SBID Design Excellence awards. e: m: 07929 934511 Stone Veneer – Lightweight, easy to install natural stone sheets Slate and Stone Veneer from Lite Stone is a lightweight and ultra thin, easy to install natural stone finish available in large sheet sizes starting at 122 x 61cm. Available in over 20 different finishes and with a thickness of 1 – 3mm Lite Stone offer the largest range of colours, the highest quality product and the best delivery times in the UK market. Their materials can be used for a huge range of applications – interior and exterior wall features, internal residential flooring, fireplaces, wet rooms and furniture cladding. You can make any room look stunning and unique with Lite Stone’s range, which offers the most cost effective way to introduce a natural stone finish to your project. For more information visit or contact them today – 0800 2465329 / Pintark by LOCO Design The Lynko System Multilinesblack Newly launched by Pintark and aimed at industry, the Ext. package of product services brings together surface innovation from across Pintark’s collections, alongside a tailored specification service aimed at dovetail r7W&f6RvF&GV7BFF&R77FVbFW&Bf6W2@7FF&BF26VB6rpf"FVw&FVBƖ6F7&72&GV7@GW2W"&GV7B6WF2f"GW7G'ffW"f&R7V6Ɨ6VB7W&f6W2FBFVw&FPvF&GV7BFWfVVBB&VƗ6Fv7B&VrG'VRFW"7&gFrWF2vFW"WW'F6RFWFƖrBFW&Ɩ6FW"&GV7G2&R&RFFfWFFWFFWGW&R6gFW72B7&gFVBF7F7FF&vRb&GV7Bg&v&G&&PFW&'2F6W7F2V22GV"g&VW7FFr77FVFW6vVBFG&6f&B7&VFVBFfFRVVG2bVFƖW2fR&VVFW6vrVf7GW&rBfGFVBgW&GW&Rf"fW CV'2vRr'&rRVFƖW2&6W"W6W6fR&vRbfW'vVƗG6FV&'fGFVBgW&GW&RW"7G&p&VF62vFFW&FFW6vW'0B6FV&W6V&6fRv2&VVশWf7F'2FR7G&FVv2FWfVVB`FR6FRVVRVVVG2bV6&GV7B&RFRF&V7B&W7VBbFRvp&W6V&67&VFfGBVƗGFBf&Ч'BbFRDbFR6W"fGFV@v&G&&W2BfGFVB&VG&gW&GW&P&vW2&RVf7GW&VBB7FVBFFPvW7B7FF&BvF&Rf&WG6W'0BF"BG&vW"6W2FRV6R6FV&'vf&rƖfW7GRFR&W7VFrG&7'F&R7F&vR6WFfVGW&W2f'r6VBWFg&W2V@FvWFW"'vFVvW27&VFrখVW&&RVBb6fwW&F2&vpg&fWB7FBFfG&VF67Bff6R76R6WFVǒ7W7F֗&RFFFg&W06&RFFVBF7VBFRVVG2bw&vpf֖ǒBvVVVFVBFR77FV6&PfFVBfBf"7F&vR"V7G&7'FFwwrFƖvV66ЦvV6FƖv6УCBsCCbsSf"gW'FW"f&F&GV7@B6W'f6W2BF&R6V7FVBFW"&Vv&W&W6VFFfR6F7BW0F&6FW6vࣃ@VFƖW2&6fVFƖW6&66V6W2ff6RsS2SS06w&VB#SRvFW"&BvV&WĄpwwrVFƖW6&66V7V6Ɨr666&FƖ7WFPFR7W7FFRFW&"6WF