Design Buy Build Issue 31 2018 - Page 83

Interiors & Interior Design Andrea Padovani A Must-Have For Any Work Place Cielshop Andrea Padovani,Italy 1961. When supplied for offices, artificial plants can really brighten up any space, especially for those workplaces that consist of lots of grey concrete. Trying to create the perfect setting for your place, whether it’s a domestic haven or a relaxing bar or café environment, it’s the minor details that really count. A couple of fake trees located outside an office door can create a welcoming entrance, while silk flowers placed in a reception area provide a great first impression, and will look continually at their best at any time of year. When staff are busy focusing on their jobs, they are not likely to have time to water and care for real plants, but artificial plants placed inside an office or outdoors area require hardly any maintenance at all. These perfect bar stools are comfortable, take up minimal space but fit the room with the right angles, lines and finishes. 1985 degree in Political Science, University of Bologna. Professional artist in Italy since 1995 . In year 1998 moved to Canada. Lives and work in Whistler,Canada. Exhibitions: 2011 Venice Biennale; between 1999 and 2017 he had 13 solo shows in Amsterdam NL and 15 in West Vancouver. 2007 solo shows in Kyoto-Japan, Shanghai and Singapore. 2005 featured artist for Monte Paschi Banque France,oldest bank in the world. 2004 GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals headquarters in Italy. 10% off products quote code DBBMAR at checkout, Online orders only, single use, 1 per customer, expires 20/4/2018. Terms apply* See Website. Ultra stylish, incredibly chic, minimalist, Scandi style design with attention to detail. Smooth, black or on trend metallic we have Industrial style bar stools that are sure to please. For the most stylish bar stools in the UK, order now and choose the look that suits your style. or call T +44 1273 443 837 (01524) 858888 Bromleighs Bromleighs offer an extensive range of switches and electrical acces- sories to suit both period and contemporary interiors. Their Forged and Profile Collections are hand-made at their workshop in Cornwall, using inserts manufactured here in the UK. The Hardwood, Bakelite and Period Switch collections are made with British Oak which is hand-stained and waxed. Recent installations in- clude a Chateau in France and the extensive refurbishment of an Irish Castle. Bromleighs also offer a wide range of interior and exterior lighting and architectural hardware. For a current brochure of further information, please call the team on 01208 79490 or 83