Design Buy Build Issue 31 2018 - Page 79

Without knocking through the whole ground Whilst retaining as much of the existing The striking floor is definitely the defining floor careful considerations have to be made property as possible throughout the main edge to the space, perfectly complimenting to ensure all areas of the living areas were house, the new, large and quite industrial and enhancing the other design features filled with plenty of natural light. kitchen space becomes the contemporary in the property, and enabling the different area of the property. Striking Exposed spaces in the property to co-exist. The installation of a courtyard between the beams and a stunning exposed brick wall dining area and the new side return created really are the centrepieces of the space. A The structure of the first floor rooms two avenues of light through the property. In modern walnut veneer kitchen sits on one remained the same, the original features many terraced houses in London the middle side of the kitchen with beautiful copper were restored and redecorated with crisp dining room can become void of light and lights over the island. The large kitchen area light colours. become a difficult space to occupy. is a perfect space for entertaining. Three large skylights in the roof are placed A decision was then made to keep the The Glazing in the courtyard and the large above the staircase of the loft, making the living area in the existing part of the house sliding doors in the kitchen allow for the loft space feel much larger and allowing surrounded by the traditional features. interior to be part of the exterior and visa light to flood all the way down to the ground However, an element of modernity was versa. floor extenuating the parquet floor and dark introduced with the crisp white walls and modern furniture. hardwood balustrade. A traditional parquet floor taken up from a Chateau in France was installed throughout dRAW Architecture All those design gestures highlight the the house creating a beautiful design 340 Old York Road, Wandsworth, SW18 1SS beauty of the space. feature set off the by crisp white walls and minimalist modern furniture. 79