Design Buy Build Issue 31 2018 - Page 74

Heating, Ventilation & Insulation The Connected Home and Electric Heating Many thought it was a passing fad, but with the recent popularity of Amazon Echo and improvements to broadband services, the connected home is the way of the future. With your electric radiator connected to WiFi, this improves your control and gives you access to data, no matter where you are. Imagine viewing your energy consumption in real-time from your phone! Having sight of your heating costs may encourage you to adapt your individual behaviour. VeriSmart Heating’s latest product, the EcoWiFi, combines the efficiency of ceramic electric radiators with amazing controllability via your smartphone or computer. To find out more about our EcoWiFi electric radiators, give us a call on 01484-213-151 or visit The Mini Eurocowl Are you incorporating a chimney within your build? Building within an area; in reach of a coast line? susceptible to high winds? Surrounded by trees? The Mini Eurocowl is the complete chimney cowl solution solving anti downdraught issues whilst also protecting against birds, wind and rain. Suitable for all fuel types, with a robust design and a dome top making for hassle free sweeping and easy maintenance. Eurocowl has been in the chimney and flue industry for over 21 years, creating solutions to chimney problems with our variety of products, all of which are Certified by Bsria Ltd, complaint with BS EN 16475-7:2016 and CE approved Please visit our website to view our extensive product range or contact us on: 02380 663210 Consort Claudgen launches SL single-zone controllers Consort Claudgen have introduced three new wireless controllers which can be connected to one or multiple SL heaters to form an SL heating system. All controllers have comfort and setback temperatures settings. The SLPB and SLVT controllers have a 4-stage run-back timer function where a heating period remains active until the run-back timer expires. Additionally, the SLVT has temperature control buttons and a digital display to show the room temperature. The SLTI, however, features a programmable 7-day timer and thermostat with three heating periods per day and is designed with four large control buttons with an electronic lock to prevent tampering with controls. For details, visit or call Sales at 01646 692172. Vectaire Vectaire WHHRs – vertical delay before the boost speed and horizontal – can now be kicks in, holiday mode, night-time commissioned via an LCD screen. boost inhibitor times etc. The upright units – the Midis and the Maxis - offer the option The user can see the speed of either an integral LCD or a at which the fan is operating, remote LCD commissioning unit, the relative humidity etc, and whilst the in-line EVO250 and when the filters need replacing. Mini can be commissioned using The user can also set the unit the remote unit. to holiday mode for energy saving when the dwelling is not Thus, the commissioning engineer occupied. These units are among can easily adjust detailed unit the most innovative, efficient and functions including the trickle, effective on the market today purge and boost speeds for each – and all are manufactured in motor, the length of the boost the UK. speed over-run time, the time 74