Design Buy Build Issue 31 2018 - Page 71

Comments Rinnai Managing director Tony Gittings, “we are an industry- “The event is well organised and, more importantly, it is well attended by leading manufacturer of water heating technologies, products and CIBSE members all looking for new product and practices to improve the systems for commercial sites and we have been a main sponsor of the industry’s offering to end-users. Rinnai looks forward to continuing our CIBSE Technical Symposium, held in the Spring, for the past several years sponsorship of the event well into H]\KˈH[Y]H]\H\][و][ ܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈۈHSRHX[H\]˜[Z]Z˘B'H]XZ[H[^Y[[ܛX]]HX[\X]۝[[\™]\XH]Y[X\H[\\وۜ[[Y\Z[[\X\[XY[ZXHXܛ[ˈHX]][ݙ\˜\[HY[ۜXZ\]][[ܙH]X]H[ZH HY\H]X\\HY\ۘ[][ۈو[][ۈ]\H\H[ܙB]YHوHLH\XHHB