Design Buy Build Issue 31 2018 - Page 70

RINNAI TO HEADLINE SPONSOR CIBSE TECH SYMPOSIUM IN LONDON R INNA I H OT WATE R – I NSTA NT, CO NTI NU O U S, L IM ITL E S S A ND S E NSI BLY E CO NO MI C FO R E VE RY TYPE O F CO MME RCI A L SI TE R innai - the UK leader in gas-fired high efficiency continuous flow water heating units and systems - is to be the headline sponsor of the forthcoming Chartered Institute of Building Services Technical Symposium being held this year 12-13th April 2018 at London South Bank University. The CIBSE Technical Symposium 2018 – themed as ‘Stretching the envelope’ technologies will for encompass healthy techniques, and applications productive and environments. Topics presented may include the following: Assessing, assuring and improving occupant health, comfort and wellbeing; Developing and “The uncertainties of climate, resources, environment, and security will applying leading edge products and systems for a sustainable building mean that there is an increasing need for those with a responsibility to future; Moving towards net zero energy and net zero water built deliver healthy and productive environments to stretch beyond ‘business environments; Delivering human friendly ecosystems beyond the ‘built’ as usual’, says CIBSE. environment; Fusing passive and active building systems; Designing and operating to meet future climates; Creative technologies and systems The 2018 symposium theme is aiming to provide the industry with a for an aging population; Intelligent systems and knowledge based tool; technical insight into the methods, technologies and techniques that Metering, intelligent monitoring and control techniques to predict and are available, or just over the horizon, that will drive the development manage energy use; BIM (and other information tools) for improved of increasingly sustainable future environments. This will include building development and operation; Case studies and measured presentations and discussions on both the established and proven, as performance of buildings in use well as the developmental and cutting edge. 70