Design Buy Build Issue 31 2018 - Page 64

Floors & Flooring V4 Woodflooring Why use FG1 Plywood? UK wood floor specialist, V4 Wood Flooring, is enhancing the way it interacts with customers with a host of product and marketing advances. Due to the problems caused by inferior plywood in the flooring market, we set about creating a solution. After many months of extensive research and after careful consideration with several manufacturers, suppliers and customers, FG1 was born! Since then, new amendments for flooring grade plywood guidelines have come into effect set out in BS 8203:2017 meaning plywood to be used for floorcoverings has to meet strict criteria. FG1 was the first product in the market to not meet, but exceed all criteria to give you peace of mind when choosing a plywood. A refreshed brand, new website, improved retailer displays and the opening of the state of the art design centre V4 World, alongside the introduction of new wood floor collections, including the on trend and very popular Zig Zag Herringbone floors, are set to ensure the company continues to be at the forefront in delivering high quality wood floor and wall products for discerning homeowners and professionals. The company will continue to pride itself on offering real wood collections produced from the highest quality woods, sustainably 49_DBB_MAR_2015:190w RT Hand Page 5/3/15 sourced and finished using natural colouring techniques and surface finishes. FG1 Plywood Unit A1 Portland Business Park Portland Road 11:59 Hove Page 49 East Sussex BN3 5RY Tel: 01273 426570 Email: TRANSFORM A HOUSE TO A CHATEAU WITH ESCO FLOORING FROM OSMO Osmo UK, the eco-friendly wood and finishes expert, presents ESCO Chateau, a sleek and contemporary style of oak flooring. Prefinished with Osmo Polyx®-Oil, Chateau elegantly embraces the wood’s artis F2G2Bw&26VVFrvFR&vRb7W'&V@FV6&FfRG&VG2BFW&'2U44( 26FVRf&r&vR26FFW6vFBVff'FW76ǒ6v66W2FPvN( 26762GW&&VWG7GƗ6@6FV&'W"27FF&B6FVR2f&RVv@FffW&VB6W'26VFr&6F&667FRw&WBGW&FR7W&f6R26RЦVBvF6Ǘ*F&FV7B@V6RFRV&6RbFRvBf"&Rf&FBFfWrFPVF&RU44&vRV6Rf6@wwr6V6 wwrW66w&W7Vf'2bf&pGf6VBf&r6WF2g&TttU WW&V6R6w2FBvVFR&vB&GV7G06RFvWFW"FW67&VFRvW&gV6&FvFFRFVFF6fRG&FW6VFRBWFV"&V7G2FRTttU"Gf6VB7G'V7GW&f&r77FVТ4e2FWfVVB'RbWW&^( 2VFpvB&6VBVVf7GW&W'22FW6vVBFv&66R7FW2TttU"266fFVB&GV6r7G&vW"&WGFW"6&&Bf'2G2Gf6VB7G'V7GW&f&r77FV6W2vFƖfWFRwV&FVPFvfR7FW'26WFRV6Rb֖BWfW'f"BW6rFRTttU"Gf6VBfGFpWFBBG2V'B2FR6( 2'FfƖb7G'V7GW&Rw&FR6&&Bf&r&&G2vFV6VB7GW&R&W67FB&W'FW2FR&vP6VFW2TttU"RTttU"VV6VG&TrФtU"&FV7BBTttU"FV6&FfR&FV7BFR77FV6&W2F&VRW6VG3FRTttU"FwVRBw&fRf&rw&FP6&&B&vRv62Vf7GW&VBW6pFBFVBFƖrFV7W&RFvBvǐ667FVBG2G27WW"7G&VwFBB7BC@FW6fRB&fVV7FW6RfGFrWFBFRTttU"Gf6VB7G'V7GW&f&r77FV6W2vFƖfWFRwV&FVRFfBWB&R&WBFRTttU"Gf6VB7G'V7GW&f&r77FVBFRGf6VBƖfWFRwV&FVR6FPTttU"'VFrFƖRCRc"CCC@"R'VFrVVvvW"6"f6BwwrVvvW"6VN( 27VF&Rf"W6RvF&F6ƖBF&W"@VvVW&VB7G27V&V7BFW"7BVf7GW&W &V6VFF2c@