Design Buy Build Issue 31 2018 - Page 62

SURFACE 360.CO.UK L evato Mono Porcelain paver system from The Deck Tile pavers offer high abrasion and stain resistance, are frost proof and Co. ltd is a flexible external flooring solution for the design achieve R11 slip resistance. conscious with over 150 stone, timber and cementitious effects to choose from plus co-ordinating internal tiles – enabling With it’s key beneficial features such as height adjustable and slope seamless transition between internal and external spaces. The sys- correcting supports; high load bearing and weighing only 45kgs tem facilitates a fast, cost effective installation over most surfaces per m2; low on-going maintenance; Levato Mono is the ideal sys- including; single ply membranes, roofing felt and other delicate wa- tem for balconies, roof terraces, patios and piazzas – for both res- terproofing systems. Available in standard 600x600 size and now idential and commercial use as specified on numerous hospitality larger formats 450x900/600x1200/800x800 etc, the porcelain and restaurant venues, apartment blocks and educational establish- ments throughout the UK. 62