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Editor’s Choice BUILD MORE ENGAGING AND COMFORTABLE ENVIRONMENTS Graphenstone Paints & Coatings With Graphene Sioo Wood Protection AB The SiOO:x Wood Protection System is different; it is not a coating, but an envelope. The protection system has two components; the first penetrates the wood where it gradually forms an inert glassy polymer, by reaction with atmospheric carbon dioxide. Graphenstone; the only global manufacturer of cost effective, 100% natural paints containing pure carbon graphene nano- technology, the strongest material known to science. Cradle to Cradle Gold certified. The second component acts to seal and protect the first application until it is fully cured, but it also forms an inert water- resistant envelope which penetrates the wood and gradually creates a grey surface appearance. Key Features; • • • • This means that the unsightly patchy weathering of exterior wood cladding is no longer a problem. SiOO:x Wood Protection locks in the beauty of wood. • • • • The SiOO:x polymers that form in the wood have silicon-oxygen bonds, the same as glass and are completely UV stable. Enhances durability and elasticity 0% VOC’s, biocides, or plasticisers Pure Lime Base of premium quality Graphene fibres act as a supporting mesh at the molecular level High Co2 capture Anti-bacterial, reduces cracking NCS colour system, beautiful mineral finish Available in over 30 countries, now in UK Website: Phone: +46 31-42 42 62 Hopefield Fab, industry leaders in metalwork - now opening their doors to private clients Previously focusing on the hospitality and leisure industry, popular demand sees Hopefield Fab officially open their doors for private clients looking for that luxury statement piece from February 2018. The beautiful bespoke pieces of metalwork in high-end luxury establishments for clients such as Rick Stein are all created from concept and installed by the industry leaders, Hopefield Fab. People who have admired the bespoke metalwork within places such as The Ivy Restaurant and Nando’s Restaurant can now have this in their own home. These were designed, created and installed by Hopefield Fab! For more information visit the website: Contact Telephone 0161 797 1991 Schöck software support more extensive than ever T he extensive range of free online and downloadable software from Schöck is one of the most comprehensive in this market sector. It offers wide-ranging support to the design process in areas such as product selection; thermal analysis; structural analysis; and BIM services. One of the most recent developments is the inclusion of a design program for the Isokorb types KS and QS in steel-to-concrete connectivity situations. This complements the company’s existing calculation software for designing concrete-to-concrete and steel-to-steel connections. analysis to identify compliance with part L regulations. The program is also able to calculate natural frequency, which BIM libraries allows a check on the serviceability of the whole balcony system with regard to vibration. It calculates the natural frequency of Special object libraries and plug-ins have been developed for thermally broken steel balconies using numerous geometric and users of the leading BIM systems. material variables – and even proposes options for steel side are available for the standard Schöck Isokorb product portfolio plates, end plates and on-site stub brackets. At present, these libraries (concrete-to-concrete, steel-to-concrete and steel-to-steel) for There is an online thermal bridging calculator too, which Allplan and ArchiCAD CAD systems, with Revit and Tekla to produces substantiated thermal bridge analysis in just a few follow. Two levels of detail are available in the plug-in. One for simple steps. The calculator computes two-dimensional heat preliminary planning and one for execution planning. flows, isothermals, temperature factors, surface temperatures and psi values (ψ values). The calculation results provide architects, structural engineers and building physicists with all Visit the Schöck site at for all the latest the information needed to produce a detailed thermal bridge software and product development updates W O V E N 31 W O V ENIM A GE .C OM I M A M U R A