Design Buy Build Issue 31 2018 - Page 27

The Rinnai Heavy Duty HD50i Internal water heater is a wall hung, gas fired, continuous flow water heater capable of producing hot water at 756 litres per hour at a 50°C rise. The HD50i has a 125mm concentric flue which can be extended up to 15m, less 1m per 45° bend. “Rinnai is a worldwide brand name in its field and has taken some major global sponsorships – including the Queensland Reds, The World Club World Cup event held January this year in Tokyo, the World Ice Skating Championships and the US Nascar competition held in Daytona, Las Vegas and other major American venues. Compact and reliable, the HD50i operates between 1-10 bar pressure, which is suitable for mains and systems with boost pumps. Incoming water temperatures of up to 60°C are accepted, making the HD50i suitable for secondary return systems. Water can be delivered at high volume with minimum gas consumption. All models have full electronic ignition with no pilot light and operate on demand only, consuming no gas when not in use. “The Widnes Vikings are also local to our own UK headquarters so it is all an excellent fit. Installers, specifiers and end users’ installers have the most practical and economically viable solution for all domestic and commercial hot water heating and delivery needs in Rinnai’s comprehensive range of energy efficient A rated, electronically controlled continuous flow gas fired units and systems. All Rinnai internal HDC condensing continuous flow water heaters, are room-sealed, power flue appliances while the external weatherproof models have forced exhaust which enables them to be compact, saving both floor and wall space. The natural gas or LPG water heaters guarantee a limitless supply of accurately temperature controlled safe and useable hot water, time after time after time to any type or size of site or application. The Rinnai range delivers energy saving performance and low greenhouse emissions through new low NOx burner technology. All units and systems can be installed as stand-alone or manifolded to provide unlimited hot water for the largest of all commercial sites such as hotels, busy gyms, high rise offices etc. Rinnai’s unique condensing technology incorporates two heat exchangers to achieve optimum water heating generated from every cubic metre of Natural Gas or LPG. The condensing process delivers up to 95% thermal efficiency, which translates to significant energy savings when compared to standa ۋB[X[]\X]\܈۝[[ۘ[ܙY\[\˂]\[\\]\H\[[HK\]YX\K]]\BZ[[Y][۝[[Z[][H\و[[[[X[H\YX][HYY܈\[]XZ^[[\˂]\[H\Y[][[[\H]]\[[و[]\B]وX] H]H\]Y[ZH[[]H[H\™\YۙY܈\H\XHٙHXZ[]YY܈\K[Z[H[[\H[YXY[ܘYH\[ˈ܈^[\K[Zx&\[[]H MH۝[[\]\X]\\\YۙYYY]H]\YYوY\X[Y[Y\X[\X][ۜ˂[ZH۝[[\]\\[\[]\ۈ[][š[HYX]H[XX[X[\X\H[[[\]HH[]ݚYHH^XH[[\HYXY[][ۂ܈Y\X\X][ۜ[܈[Xܜو\[\[[\K܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈۈHSRHX[H\]˜[Z]Z˘BH[[]H MKZY[\ N[YX\\[\[[[H  H L[[H K\H[]\H\X]Hو MK]\œ\Z[]K]H[\\]\H\Hو p H\\[ZH B۝[[\]\X]\\ۙHوH\[x&\\ B[[[\[]\X]\ܛYH[\H]Bو NK]\Z[Z\Y] ˈ[ZHX]H]H]\X]\\HYYXY[H\۝[[\]\X]\]]]\ Z˂