Design Buy Build Issue 31 2018 - Page 110

Training by Design Before After Before After T he following series of photographs This particular Unifold liner was installed by there is an understanding of the technology show a before and after of a one of our approved contractors and their behind the system and why the product, Unifold installation. The final site operatives have been trained to install correctly installed, will out-perform any the system at our factory facility. other, whilst at the same time providing result I am sure anyone who has seen gutter an installation that the installers can be installations before would agree, I hope, that it looks good, well not just good, but very Following training this quality level is what good. we have come to expect from our installers. This is a high quality installation and it did We, like many system suppliers within our and a theory presentation followed by a not happen by accident! industry, provide a comprehensive training multi-choice information test and this, when programme, free of charge, to potential successfully completed, Candidates are As a Company policy we decided quite some installers of our Unifold Gutter System. awarded a numbered installers’ card with time ago not to” just supply a consignment” Only in this way can we p ݚYHHۜ[ܘ\XY[YX][ۋ[^XHۈ]H]H]\]\[ۈ]\H\[ۈ[\ܝ[[Y[YYܙK]ۈ]]H\ HYX\X\[YHX[Y\HH]H[][[YXX[܂[[][ۈ\[\]X[]HوHX]\X[\[\ۙ\[۝XX[Y\\’[XH[]\\H[[ۙH[X[YX\K\\HXX[H[\]H\]]\][H\B[\\Z[[ܘ[[YHY\Y[X\]Y\[Y][[][ۈ[]H\\H\[ܙHX\\[\B\]Y\]\٘X[ۋ[X[YX\HHY[]\[\ܝ[][[][ۈXX\˂\YXXHY H\[\XX[Z[[ŒLL