Design Buy Build Issue 31 2018 - Page 108

Transform your pool into a living space at the push of a button Its NEW, it’s INNOVATIVE and it is now available in the UK Terrace : flat bottom Terrace : sloped bottom Inflating and deflating balls fixed under the structure ensure the ascent and descent of the adjustable floor. Composite feet are automatically deployed to reinforce and sustain the structure. When pressurised air is injected into the balloons located under the floor, they inflate and raise the floor. When the air is expelled from the balloons, the floor lowers. Given there are no hydraulic cylinders, cables or steel in the system, the costs linked to components and their maintenance are lowered, and the risk of electrolysis and fluid leak in the water are prevented. Lying at the bottom of your pool the movable floor allows you to transform your pool into a patio by simply pressing a button. Pool depth reduction is minimal as the thickness of Lift’O floor is only 15cm compared to 30 to 50cm for traditional floors and can the finished with a material that matches with the pool surround. ABSOLUTE SAFETY The Lift’O floor technology meets the AFNOR NF P90-308 standard regarding safety covers and their fastening systems. Once the movable floor is in its raised position, access to the pool is impossible. The switch box is attached to the wall, out of reach of children. To help you fully enjoy your new living area, the floor was designed to withstand a load of 50kg per m2. For example, 16 People on a 8mx4m pool