Design Buy Build Issue 31 2018 - Page 100

Dragon Drilling LTD A s the largest environmental drilling company in the UK energy from the ground to heat a property is a sustainable use of the Dragon Drilling specialises in water and ground source Earth’s natural resources and could reduce your fuel bills. A few metres heating borehole installations, site investigations and below the ground, the temperature is constant throughout the year and monitoring services. We operate a diverse range of specialist drilling rigs and equipment, which enables us to meet the specific needs of customers in the domestic, agricultural, industrial and environmental sectors. this energy can be harnessed to heat your home and water. We drill boreholes from which a ground source heat pump can extract, convert and transfer energy for domestic properties, commercial facilities and leisure complexes. If you currently use a large volume of water and face costly metered charges a water borehole can save you considerable sums of money. It also offers an excellent alternative if you have poor water quality or The benefits of ground source heating systems include: an unreliable supply. Sustainable in drought conditions and offering a On average, 75% free renewable energy reliable pressure, water boreholes can deliver safe, clean water direct Government incentives available to your property. Ideal for farms, caravan parks, leisure facilities and Fixed and stable energy costs rural homes, water boreholes enable you to become independent Lower carbon emissions of mains water. Using compact, rubber-tracked and manoeuvrable Constant heat 24 hours a day drilling rigs, we can help you establish a self-sufficient water supply with minimal disruption to you or your property. Fuels both hot water and heating Directly replaces your existing boiler When investing in a borehole for your property, whether commercial Reversible to provide cooler temperatures in summer or domestic, we will help you assess the feasibility of an installation Can add value to property and also identify the potential cost savings based on your current metered charges. We provide a complete installation package, which includes a storage tank, variable speed distribution pumps, pressure vessel, control system and, if required, water treatment. If you have high water or energy bills why not contact us today for a free site assessment to see if we could start saving you money. Simply call 01824707777 or email for We also specialise in Ground Source Heating systems. Extracting more information. 100