Design Buy Build Issue 27 2017 - Page 8

Photography David Butler Photography As with many of our London residential designs, open plan such as polished concrete, there is the option to partially and living is a driver, where this is no exception. By using a fire fully close off the front and rear spaces via large sliding pocket suppression sprinkling system this enabled us to completely doors. Full height glass to the side of the basement stairwell open up the ground floor and new basement spaces to this further aids in restricting sound travel whilst retaining the semi-detached house. visual openness the client wanted. The result, an immediate sight line to the back garden when you The interior uses high quality natural material finishes, shadow step into the front living space, thereby creating a vast wide gap lines and varied lighting effects that bring together the open living space. This visual openness is further enhanced by cold refinement of modernist ideals with the functionality of a the enormous triple all sliding skyframe doors that effortlessly warm family house. open to the rear landscape garden designed terrace. However with acoustics & cooking aromas a common challenge with such high volume spaces, coupled with reflective materials 83 8