Design Buy Build Issue 27 2017 - Page 46

Heating, Ventilation & Insulation Vectaire Ltd Vectaire’s Heatrec 1003 single room heat recovery unit is for both new-build and refurbishment. It provides low level and continuous, energy saving ventilation, combined with high performance and efficiency. It saves up to 75% of potential heat loss and includes an integral summer mode and a frost-stat. The Heatrec 1003 is available with 400, 500 or 600mm length tube heat recovery cells (100mm dia), and a terminal kit incorporating both a weather louvre and a condensate outlet. It is available in standard, timer, and humidity control. This product, together other models in Vectaire’s range of energy saving ventilation units, are detailed in the latest Social Housing Catalogue (downloadable from socialhousing Builders and developers advised to use polyurethane foam for superior insulation Builders and developers advised to use The trade association for the sprayed and polyurethane foam for superior insulation injected polyurethane foam industry is the British Urethane Foam Contractors Polyurethane foam can be used as a high Association. BUFCA is a central resource for performing insulant in new build and the application of polyurethane foam systems. refurbishment projects to meet or exceed today’s standards. The association consists of polyurethane foam installers operating to high standards, Builders and developers can also use it for together with material and equipment remodelling purposes, for instance in barn suppliers. conversions. When used for airtightness or stabilisation under the roof or within the Choosing a material cavity it outperforms most other materials. Where the primary purpose is energy efficiency, then a closed cell material is The polyurethane foam insulant is a two- normally preferable. Closed cell foams component liquid system which produces a offer superior energy performance and are highly-efficient blanket of insulation with an resistant to driving rain meaning that the exceptional thermal conductivity figure. material stays dry with no loss of thermal properties. Open cell polyurethane foams Systems can be applied to various depths do not have the high insulation properties and have K-values in the range of 0.025 associated with the closed cell materials. to 0.028W/mK. It can be used in various applications such as wall insulation and roof A recognised BUFCA registered installer insulation. can be chosen at 46