Design Buy Build Issue 27 2017 - Page 42

Rinnai Creates ‘System Efficiency’ Solution For Longer Life L imescale can be a major This electrolytic scale inhibitor kit is for The electrolytic zinc anode technology contributor to a loss of commercial hot water systems. Independently used in this solution is mentioned in the efficiencies for water heating tested, it is a low-maintenance way to protect Part L Building Services Compliance systems of any type, so leading against the damaging and expensive impact Guide, whereas “external to pipe” water of limescale on hot water systems. conditioning techniques are not. efficiencies throughout the life of the system Not only does it offer long lasting protection The system’s low level zinc additions change by incorporating a proven limescale inhibitor against the formation of hard limescale it the water chemistry to inhibit the formation that will significantly reduce the impact of also ensures bacteria has fewer places to of limescale by transforming calcite in such a limescale, thereby maximising efficiency over hide as a result of cleaner surfaces, so in a way that they do not stick to the interior of the product’s lifetime. secondary return DHW system the problem the unit or pipework. continuous flow water heater manufacturer Rinnai has taken steps to maintain superior of Legionella is also heavily reduced. The system delivers value engineering Rinnai has teamed up with electrolytic in line inhibitors, pioneers in limescale inhibitor The independently tested and proven as it does not decay after dosing and its technology, to maximise system efficiency technology protects capital investment and effectiveness is not impacted by water on its range of A rated commercial water occupier health. storage or agitation caused by passing through a booster set. heaters. 42