Design Buy Build Issue 27 2017 - Page 36

English Heritage Buildings ENGLISH HERITAGE BUILDINGS SEES DEMAND FOR BESPOKE DESIGN E nglish Heritage Buildings has seen a growth in demand for creative and bespoke designs since the government announced an extension to the relaxation of planning regulations last year. Darren Hook, Managing Director at English Heritage Buildings says there is a growing trend among customers choosing to build an extension that offers flexibility and provides homeowners a chance to build their dream home. Darren says: “There are many reasons you might want to add an extension to your home, whether to add a charming new room or simply to enjoy your garden all year round. But one of the most frequent questions we are asked by homeowners, and this is for many the deciding factor of any new home renovation, is if the quality of design and build will increase the value of the property. Our an ݕȁ́݅́ɕͽչaeϊd(